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Today I’m talking about a range of skincare I’ve been trialing recently from SkinMed. I was in a bit of a rut and looking to try something new when SkinMed contacted me and offered me some items to try that they thought I would like. Given that they knew my skin type I was surprised to receive the Hydratime cleansing milk and tonic lotion as they are designed for dry/flaky skin but in the interest of reviewing them I gave them a go. I’m not keen on the cleansing milk but I don’t really like that kinds of thing anyway, regardless of formula. I like my oily skin to feel really clean when I cleanse as night so leaving any kind of residue is not for me. That being said I actually really like the toner, I still feel like I’ve thoroughly cleansed but it’s an extra, refreshing step that hydrates without feeling like its left a layer of product behind. It’s definitely helped to keep my skin smooth and had it not been for my recent breakout (I’ve gone way back to basics with my skincare now as you’ll see in Fridays video) I would still be using it now.. I will reintroduce it once my skin is clear again.
What I was really excited to try was the Thiospot stuff, if like me you suffer from dark spots and acne scarring you will love this. I will warn you, it doesn’t smell great and the scent is STRONG but it WORKS! I’ve seen Improvements in my more prominent marks in less than a month and honestly I didn’t expect to see anything. I’ve tried a few products that claim to help the issue in the past and nothing has so I’m thoroughly impressed by this! The only problem is I can’t be sure whether its the regular cream or the intensive rollerball that worked the magic as I used them at the same time but if in doubt I’d give the lightening cream a go. Lastly the Sunwards facial SPF30 worked nicely too, not too greasy, didn’t break me out (it was a new foundation I tried that caused all the skin problems lately) and it wasn’t too heavy to wear under makeup so it’s been a regular addition to my daily face since I walk to work and grow ever more worried about sun damage and premature ageing!

So.. I’m very happy with what I’ve tried from SkinMed thus far (other than the cleanser but that’s a personal preference really) and would definitely recommend Thiospot. Having looked at their website they have a range called Aknicare that would be right up my street too! Have any of you tried this brand?

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  1. 31 May, 2013 / 12:00 pm

    Thanks for sharing such a nice tips regarding the skin care.This is absolutely new information for me.

  2. 31 May, 2013 / 2:59 pm

    I’ve never heard from this brand, but it sure sounds interesting.

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