Sleek and Sexy Storage Solutions

Ahhh perfect storage.. it’s the elusive dream we beauty junkies crave.
In truth I don’t know if I’ll ever be satsified with my makeup room set up but with the following pieces I’ve been obsessing over lately I think I’ll come as close as is possible!
Most of it comes from the storage haven that is IKEA..
Micke Desk £60.26
I’m not keen on the right leg being open like that but otherwise this desk is the most perfect I could hope for! The drawers are just the right depth for makeup storage and the surface area is larger enough to have everything on hand and still comfortably fit my camera etc for filming.
Micke Drawer Unit £40.84
This is my solution to the open table leg that I dislike.. this drawer unit matches the desk, would offer further storage and is the same height so the unit would fit flush and the surface would be extended.
Expedit Bookcase £61.17
*drawers are available separately at £25.53
I would prefer this to the drawers! It would cost more to deck out with drawers/cupboards etc if I wanted them but I could use it as is just as a shelving unit!
I think I would probably place this on it’s side behind me in my room so I can use it as a surface aswell as storage.. it would be more effective in the space I have.
Since I found the MUJI site a week or so ago makeup storage is all I’ve been able to think about! I love love love these Clear Cube dupes and they are available in several different variations, stackable and a fraction of the cost! The 2 drawer costs £10.95 and fits so much stuff. I am seriously considering putting an order in very soon!
So these are my current faves.. I think I might do this this month while I have a little time off to dedicate to the project. If any of you have any fabulous storage solutions you’d like to share please do! I’m on the hunt for a nail polish stand.. I think I’m gonna plump for a table top one as I’m struggling to find a wall mounted rack in the UK that doesn’t cost a fortune. 
I love to hear about everyone else makeup storage so leave your blog post links in the comments!


  1. 13 February, 2011 / 7:18 pm

    I have the clear Muji drawers but the slimmer version. I think I should have got these wide ones because I still need more space for my makeup! x

  2. 13 February, 2011 / 9:41 pm

    I have that desk and the drawer unit that goes with it and I love them! I use the desk more for my schoolwork but the drawer unit is perfect for my makeup and nail stuff. I also have little bamboo containers from The Container Store inside the drawers to keep them organized, I definitely recommend those two 🙂

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