Sleeping With Leesa

Did you know that the average person spends 150 hours a week in bed?* ..maybe that’s just me but still, a lot of hours are spent horizontal (whether you’re sleeping or not) so it makes sense to invest in something you’re spending so much time on, doesn’t it?

(*stat may have been inflated for dramatic effect and is in no way endorsed by Leesa)

Back in July, Leesa offered me one of their premium mattresses to test and review for you and I can’t say I was expecting miracles. Our old mattress wasn’t that old and it was a new fangled memory foam doodah that I thought had all the bells and whistles. In fact, when the Leesa mattress came I was disappointed it wasn’t as thick! I hid our old mattress in a spare (my daughter wasn’t home) room and didn’t tell my husband I’d switched it. I wanted to see if he’d notice and get his entirely objective opinion.

I can’t say that he lay down and made noises that rivalled a Herbal Essences advert; nor did he comment at all until I probed him about it the next day, but it arrived at the height of the heatwave and we both had the best sleep we’d had since it hit. It is comfortable, my bottom sheets don’t keep springing off it (turns out that overly thick mattress had a major flaw) and it even looks pretty without one (which I appreciate on wash day) but the number one winning factor for me is that it’s COOL!

I’m a fidgety sleeper and I get hot and I saw a distinct difference in my sleep after it arrived. Had it not been for our uncharacteristically warm British Summer you’d have had to live with ‘incredibly comfy’ as my tag line but my sweaty body (sorry) has put Leesa through its  paces over the last 12 weeks and if you’re considering upgrading your mattress you can take advantage of the 100 night risk free trial before you commit.. but I can’t imagine you ever wanting to return it.

Find out more about the adaptive feel and fancy foam layers from the people who know what they’re talking about at



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