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Here’s a very Sunday appropriate post for you.. Sleep. Who doesn’t love sleep? I know I do but I have periods when I struggle to drift off and it feels like the more sleep I need the less I get. I should note that although I am a mother of two the children are not to blame for my habits, they sleep well (though rise earlier than I’d like) – it’s just me. I’ve posted before about technology keeping us up at night and that absolutely has an impact, I now make an effort to switch off or move away my electronics  at bedtime in a bid to relax a little better but even then I feel I need help. Enter Holland and Barrett. They put together a lovely package of sleepytime treats to try and having had them now for several weeks I think I have a good idea about which work and which don’t.. for me.

First of all the Black Cherry Concentrate was a non starter, I tried it, I swear but I’m all about my artificial sweeteners and the idea of putting a cordial into warm water just wasn’t doing it for me. So scratch that and on to the next, Wonder Oil – ah-maz-ing. I posted about it here but had only used it a couple of times, since then it’s become a mainstay in my routine and I genuinely think that the scent aids a good nights sleep. The Moroccan Argan Oil Night Cream was a little heavy for my oily skin so truth be told this became a bit of a luxury foot treat for me.. as a result I saw no sleep benefits but it did a great job of softening my tootsies! Lastly the Lavender Oil.. well this was bound to work wasn’t it? I even put a little on the baby’s bedding and that seemed to make a difference to his sleep.. bonus! I am not a huge lover of Lavender under normal circumstances but when I’m having a hard time sleeping it definitely does something a bit magic and I wouldn’t be without it now. All in all there really were only two products that I felt improved my sleep but I haven’t had so many restless nights since I’ve had them so I am very pleased to have been given the chance to try them and will without a doubt repurchase when I run out!

What are your sleepytime secrets? – keep it clean people 😉

Miss BB

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