Soap & Glory Christmas


Soap & Glory always have a good Christmas range but in recent years I haven’t been excited about the gift sets, this year they have really stepped up their game. The products aren’t groundbreaking or in truth all that interesting alone however the presentation is a bit special. The 12 Christmas Washes box contains (you guessed it) 12 mini sized face and body cleansers, a little different and I like it but the box itself lights up.. it’s just cute. The Sexy Mother Pucker set is four neutral lip plumping glosses in a Babushka-style case made to look like.. a Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss.. ok, you may never find a use for that thing but from a gifting perspective it’s a bit more interesting than a box of lip glosses, no?

img_9624img_9609img_9614But wait! What really sold me as an innovative and almost hidden gift idea was the ‘Khol-Eyed’..oscope.. I genuinely thought this was a PR gift when I opened the box but low and behold the end popped off to reveal 3 limited edition Crazy Sexy Kohl liners in the casing of this ‘toy’ that my son has since confiscated. I don’t know anyone who could resist turning a kaleidoscope to the closest light source given the chance and it’s kind of a classic Christmas gift, isn’t it?


There are a few other makeup gifts on offer this year as well as (of course) their big Boots buy ‘The Whole Glam A lot’ which will almost certainly be their Star Of The Week in a few weeks time for half the price so keep your eyes peeled!


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