Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Matte Lip in Chocco Berry #30lipsin30days

Has this been discontinued? WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING? I love these matt lips from Soap & Glory so if they have been removed altogether (which it seems they have) I hope that a line of their current lipsticks is the same formula because it’s lush. Very creamy with a plump, filled out, flattering effect but the finish is still matte.

They’re some of the most comfortable matte lipsticks I’ve worn. This particular colour is great for this seasonal transition where I’m looking to add colour without going full on ‘vamp’ and so again.. has it been replaced? I’m going to have to email someone. I have had the worst luck (or possibly a lesson in doing my research) this month choosing products that are no longer available but it’s also opened my eyes to the new fast beauty trend that is churning out new launches constantly and dropping old favourites to make room.

When I started blogging there were shadows and lipsticks that everyone loved. Mainstays in their makeup bag that they added other things around. These days there are so many new releases that it seems like nothing ever gets chance to be that ‘holy grail’ product anymore. Maybe it’s just my hungover tired mind on a rant tangeant but I miss ‘the old days’.

I’ve enjoyed our little daily debrief this month but regular service (and plenty of Disney prep) will resume shortly!


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