Soaper Mum


With Mothers Day looming and pay day (what feels like) a lifetime away Soap & Glory have answered your call for an affordable gift set any mother will love. Beautifully boxed and tied with a bow, no less.

I was actually way more excited about the box itself than I should have been – my husband wasn’t as impressed when I demo’d it for him. It’s cracker-like in the way it’s put together, the lid is part of the box that folds out and back in again with a push/pull.. impossible to describe or even photograph but if you pick this up I think you might get a kick out of it too. Finding joy in the little things and all that.


Inside the box, underneath the layers of tissue paper you will find a Foam Call shower gel.  Butter Yourself body butter and a a pretty pink ‘shower puff’ (the net sponge thing that I am still yet to discover the definitive name for) all for £15. That’s a saving of £5.50 and already gift wrapped.. WIN! On top of that this is the only fragrance line from Soap & Glory that hits the spot for me, aside from their original sweet smelling body care. A little more fresh and fruity for the (God, Please Soon) warmer months to come too. An easy choice for those of you still yet to pick up a token for your Mum this year.


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