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Would you believe I didn’t have a twitter and was totally unaware of the whole beauty community when I started blogging. I wanted to dye my fringe pink and googled “pink hair” I found a video from Zoeebella which led me to Lanaindiana and so on and so forth. I think I literally set up my own channel the next day. I had no idea how huge it all was at the time and my blog was just for pictures etc. I really only started using my blog as a separate thing about a year ago.

That’s tricky.. I’m not sure I have a preference but I’m so selective about the people I watch.. I don’t think there’s any one thing I look for in a “guru” I just have to like them. There aren’t as many UK channels I like though so that could mean I prefer US.. or just that there are more to choose from! I’m a big DulceCandy fan!
Not technically available at the drugstore but it’s budget.. Miners Bronzer/Blusher Blend in Sunblushed. I love it! It’s adds some colour and some glow at the same time.. I also use it as a highlight, it leaves a beautiful sheen.

That’s too hard a choice!! I love Urban Decay for eyeshadows (I consider them to be mid-range price wise) I love Maybelline for their foundations.. I don’t think I have any other exclusive favourites. MAC do nice lipsticks but they’re not outstanding they just have a huge selection. Oh… Maybelline for mascara too. I don’t really do high end (ysl, chanel etc) It’s all too expensive to risk falling in love with a product I can’t afford to repurchase.

First off I can’t not correct you, her name is Ella. She is pretty self sufficient at this point but I feel like I can’t dedicate as much time to her as I did. I’m definitely less patient. The hardest thing is having to get up in the morning even when Milo might have let me sleep in. If he only settles in his cot at 4am I know I’ve only got 3 hours until I have to get up for school prep! That’s definitely the worst of it. The age gap makes is much easier. I can’t imagine having a toddler and a baby.

That’s a toughie.. as soon as we were together it was kind of just known that we wanted to get married.. there was no formality to it. He bought me a ring on my birthday from Tiffanys in New York and I had an heirloom diamond made into my official engagement ring. When we finally got that he did the whole candles bit and proposed but we were kind of already engaged. I do wish we had a good story to tell but I think I’ll stick with Tiffanys lol. That’s a magical place! 

That was fun!! If you have any questions you’d like me to answer leave them in the comments.. I think I’ll do a video Q&A next time!

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