Songs of my life

First of all, my apologies for being absent here lately… I planned to schedule some blogs for while I was away but got a touch sidetracked when I discovered I was pregnant shortly before *SHOCK*
For anyone who doesn’t know this is happy news as we have been trying for a baby for while but I’m not going to bang on about that here… I have a whole seperate blog for that and if you’re interested in updates you can hit the “pregnancy” tab above and see what’s happening there.
So… I recently did the “how much does your face cost” tag on youtube, I don’t know if it’s gone around there yet but I haven’t seen it, though I’d be very surprised if it hadn’t already done the rounds. You can expect my blog version very soon. I also created* a new tag which I am hoping to extend to the blogging community.
*I’m not sure it’s never been done before but I don’t THINK it has!
“Songs of my Life” … you basically pick the most poignant songs of your life, tell us why they mean something to you, do they remind you of something or someone? Was there an event you heard them at? Whatever!
I went all blah blah on mine of course and spoke about teenage boyfriends and dance routines as well as my wedding song and the song that embodied my leaving my husband for someone else.. (judge all you want… my life!) You don’t have to be as open as I was but I loved the idea so for those of you not youtube inclined here’s your opportunity to do this new* tag!
here’s my video version for you to check out, let me know what you think and leave me your link if you blog your own! If you DO do a youtube version like me then go ahead and leave it as a video reponse so I see it 🙂
Thanks for waiting for me… 

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  1. 28 March, 2011 / 1:25 pm

    Just saw a video from MissPrincessPancake where she mentioned you and I had to check you out! Saw some of your videos and I was hooked, you seem so much fun and nice. As I am a blogger too, the next step was to follow you on blogspot, hope this is not coming across as creepy. Looking forward to seeing more of your videos and read more posts from you. Take care xxxx

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