Spa-rkle Season

It’s Spa-rkle Season ladies like what I did there? and this is the first of many posts I will be writing on party prep ahead of Christmas.

You may already be aware of my love for Next home fragrance (candle post here) but until last week I hadn’t tried anything from their new Spa body care range. This scrub is gritty but as with most sugar scrubs it’s gentler than your average exfoliator. The grains seems to dissolve while sloughing off your dry skin leaving the fresh new layer soft and glowing – with gold in this case – without being ravaged by scratchy kernels. If you want to benefit from the golden glow I would recommend using your regular body wash ahead of this, it leaves a shimmering (almost oily) residue which would be washed away if you were to use this as your first step. The scent as you’d imagine from a spa range is very herbal and Liz Earle-esque, the lavender, geranium and eucalyptus are so relaxing it’s something I’ll reach for on those evenings  I want to pamper myself. My only bug bear is the packaging. While it is beautiful it is impractical, You basically have to use it in the bath or risk getting water in it or worse still dropping the glass jar and doing yourself an injury. It would be a lovely gift because of this luxe packaging but it’s not something I’d purchase as my regular scrub. It’s a nice Christmas treat that will get me in the festive (and also sleepy) mood every time I use it.

Available for £10 from Next stores and online here

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