Spendy Mothers Day Gift Ideas

This post is partially fuelled by the fact my Mum doesn’t love presents (she would far prefer bunch of daffodills for Mothers Day) and also by my current ‘spending ban’ and my desire to justify window shopping. I’ve been very good thus far but each and every one of the below could tempt me off course..

Moonstone Star Necklace – £80 / Eternal Blossom Makeup Box – £49.95 / Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette – from £195 / Jo Malone Intense Fragrance Gift Set – £88 / Selfish Mother ‘Mama” Sweatshirt – £55 / Casetify Personalised Mirror Case – £39 / Silk Pillowcase – £40

I’m so obsessed with Moonstone jewellery right now, I have my eye on multiple pieces. It’s said to represent new beginnings and I’m very much here for that! We’re travelling through Heathrow next month and; with 17% duty free discount, my mind has once again been wandering to Louis Vuitton. I’ve been eBaying like a maniac to save for something specific but in the meantime I can’t stop thinking about the Mon Monogrammed Mini Pochette. I’m all about personalisation (as you probably know) and this is top of my current wish list!

I met with someone last week who was waxing lyrical about the virtues of a silk pillowcase and how it’s helped her hair grow – so obviously that made it on to my ‘must have’ radar too. I finally treated myself to a Selfish Mother sweatshirt in the sales this year and it’s such lovely quality and a great Mothers Day idea! ..and Jo Malone – they never do the intense scents in more affordable ways like this!! I’m dying for one of the fragrances but they’re mega bucks and this is a great way to test a few of them out for less!

SO there’s a quick round up – basically emptying my head – of some lovely stuff at various (but mostly spendy) price points for those of your looking to spoil your mums (or send hints for yourself) at the end of the month.


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