Still Obsessing…

Back in January I told you all I was obsessing over this bag
I am unhappy to tell you that my desire hasn’t grown stale.. if anything I want it MORE! 
I know that I want the medium size, the MM. I’ve read and watched so many reviews and “what’s in my bag”‘s to know it’s the most practical size and it’s especially perfect for me as my initials when I get married will be… MM! Could it be more meant to be? You don’t need to answer that.
I love love love love love love love this bag and I seriously need it. It is so expensive , I have never spent so much on anything that wasn’t electrical but I can’t control my urge to go out and get it! For me this is now whim purchase. I don’t have a spare £465 lying around to be so extravagant so if I really want it I will have to save which I am just no good at but when I look at the money I spend on rubbish every month it all adds up and if I seriously saved it might not take me that long and I would have an item I would cherish forever..
So… It’s decided! I am not buying ANYTHING until I either have this bag in my hand or I give up on the dream. I love it, I want it, I need it… I will have it! 
Have any of you got one? Is it as amazing as I imagine?
I think I’m going to get it in the brown as above, not the azure that I love (too light in colour and impractical for the short british summer season) and not the original LV print (look’s a little cheap/tacky now there are so many fakes I think) so this is the most wearable and still understated print of them all.
It will be mine!
What are you saving for right now?


  1. 8 May, 2011 / 8:49 pm

    i'm sure if you stripped back your spending to the bare bare essentials you'd be able to save enough in no time! it's an investment 🙂 xx

  2. 9 May, 2011 / 5:21 am

    Saving for a LV Speedy 30 atm – totally in this together! 😉

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