Stop Trying To Make Hats Happen


These pictures are MONTHS old.. I’m not sure when we went down to Devon but it was before the Summer (May?) and yet these pictures feel very Autumnal, don’t they?

My husband despairs and my constant attempts to ‘make a hat work’ and although I’m really only comfortable in one in the winter (the woolly kind tend to feel less silly) once the cold weather rolls around I’m ready to try again. I’m travelling to New York with a friend next month and I’ve already dug out my floppy felt ones and WILL (might) wear a hat on at least one of the days.. because she wont (please don’t, Charl) make me feel like a tw*at for wearing it. Perhaps I’ll find my hat groove, perhaps I’ll come back a new, hat-wearing woman and have finally found a way to wear one that doesn’t make me feel like I have the worlds largest head. Or perhaps not. Only time will tell.


Regardless, I will always wear my winter hats with pride. They are my school run saviours when I have greasy hair I haven’t had chance couldn’t be bothered to wash and with sunglasses they really complete my ‘I’m not here to make friends’ ensemble. I do think a hat requires a certain amount of hair though, as my hair gets longer I’m hoping to ‘pull off’ wearing one rather than have it be a necessary fashion accessory on my lazy days.

If you missed my post on our weekend visit to Devon you can ready it here

BERRIDON FARMFUN FACT: My Dad has a huge head and is an only child. Are those two facts related? I think so. We were once in Disneyland and my Dad wanted to buy a Stetson (the only logical souvenir for the man who has everything) ..he explained his head situation and they told him that the size they’d handed him would be sufficient. Sure enough they had to delve in to the depths of the storage room, through ancient cobwebs and uncharted corridoors to find the largest hat in stock.. the hat that they’d never needed, until now. He still wears it every now and then. Maybe it’s a genetic thing (although I’ve been assured that head size is passed down through the maternal line and my Mum has a perfectly average sized bonce) but I’ve never felt quite right with anything other than hair on my head.

Are you a hat person? Do you want to be? Any tips for a novice like myself?

Hopefully Yours,

Hatless in Doncaster



  1. Sophie
    31 October, 2017 / 2:30 pm

    I have real trouble trying to buy bobble/wool that’s from high street fashion stores. The only places I’ve found that do hats that sit and look right on my head are outdoors shops. Places like Mountain Warehouse, Go outdoors etc!

  2. 3 November, 2017 / 10:21 am

    Hat 100% do not suit me as much as I wish they did, especially a felt floppy hat would be lovely for the winter but alas, no 🙁

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