Student Takeover Haul

I’m a very bad blogger.. This happened weeks ago and only now am I writing about it. I’m not sure how often (perhaps twice yearly) but Capital FM throw “student takeover” nights at shopping centres across Yorkshire – do they do this elsewhere?.. Let me know if you’ve been to one!

The discounts vary between the participating stores and restaurants but I took advantage of 20% off at Topshop, 10% at Boots and a whopping 40% off Las Iguanas.. Not to mention the two for one cocktails..


Now you may be thinking, Khila, you’re a 27 year old mother of two who hasn’t been a student in a decade.. Why on earth were you there? Well I was lucky enough to be invited along by Capital FM themselves and between the drinks and the discounts I was more than happy to indulge in some guilt free shopping. There were various events on across the Center (Meadowhall for those wondering) from dance troupes to giveaways and music quizzes with breakfast DJ, “Hirsty” so it’s not your average shopping experience and if you get the chance and are indeed a student (a pre-requisite I’m afraid) I would definitely recommend it!


I’ve been collecting bits and pieces over the past month for a haul video so look out for that in your subscription boxes soon.. It’s going to be a bit of a monster :/

You can read more about the events here and don’t forget to check back for future takeovers!

Miss BB



  1. 3 May, 2013 / 9:30 am

    Where I study at University of Sunderland, we have a ‘Student Lock-In’ every September (mainly for freshers to go wild with their loans before they realise they have rent to pay and they need to eat at some point)!!

    They invite all the students into the Bridges from 6-8pm then at 8 they lock the doors so no one can get in or out until midnight and everyone shops like crazy!! It’s a bit mental I think haha!

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