Suited and Bootied

Just had to share this..
If we get married after the baby in December the baby will obviously be there… you know what that means? A baby grow tuxedo!!! I’ve seen these so many times but it just popped into my head the other day and now I’m totally sold on the idea! I mean.. how cute would it be? Ella could have a nice dress and the baby will look like all dapper and cute… just like his Dad 😉
These are available all over the web but as soon as I buy one I’ll link you up. I think waiting til the baby is born is the best idea.. I don’t want to look back on my wedding photos and look huge. Right now I’m not so bad but towards the end I know I’ll be a whale.. so this way I will get to wear a nice dress (courtesy of Spanx) and both f my children will be present. I’ve even found a photographer that’s quoted me a very reasonable sum for the kind of photos I want. It could be just 3 months away..
How exciting!

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  1. 22 November, 2011 / 10:29 pm

    Just stumbled across this blog, I normally read your beauty one! I know this is a post from such a long time ago but I've just bought my little man a baby grow tux from h&m, very very cute and a barginious £7.99 x

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