Summer Cheek-Wave

IMG_0130It’s hot out there, guys! Did you notice? Do you know the WORST way to spend one of the hottest days of the year is? (not the hottest, I think that’s tomorrow) – ON PUBLIC TRANSPORT! Milo and I went on an adventure to that there Manchester today travelling first by bus (longest, most round-the-houses bus I ever took.. saw totally new places in the town I’ve lived all my life) then by train (approximately 90s minutes) and then a new experience for both of us.. a TRAM! Finally we arrived at the park to have to walk what felt like an eternity to sit on a bench and melt. It was all worth it in the end however as I got to meet a long time internet friend and Milo met a potential (can’t rush these things) new little friend too. The journey home at rush hour was NOT so fun but tomorrow we shall be going absolutely nowhere to compensate.


I thought I would share some of my favourite blushes of the moment as when the weather is super warm my makeup really comes down to the very basics but colour is always king. Brows, mascara, blush and BOLD lips are the order of the sunny day.. hopefully on top of a tinted moisturiser (Origins Vitazing is my current favourite) and a bit of concealer to hide the ‘haven’t-slept-at-all-cause-it’s-so-freaking-hot’ circles under my eyes. Depending on where I’m going, how tanned I am and how daring I feel will depend on which of the above I choose but lately these are the only ones in running.

RMK Hot Red looks crazy, I know but it’s more sheer when applied and gives a really beautiful flush if you’re in a rush and want to look less dead. Tarte Fearless is a rediscovered old favourite, the perfect accompaniment to any of the coral lipsticks I shared earlier in the month and probably my favourite of the moment. If you’re still a little shy of colour and looking for something incredibly flattering on even the palest of complexions, Sex Appeal is your man (or woman maybe, it is blush after all). I chose this after reading that Blake Lively’s makeup artist uses it on her.. I basically look just like her when I wear it. Lastly Freedom True Loved is more rosey and one I wear for a deeper neutral colour with a tan or for a more ‘english rose’ flush when I’m my natural born colour. Considerably cheaper than the Nars and still beautifully blendable.



  1. 19 July, 2016 / 3:49 am

    Gorgeous swatches! I actually skip blush and contour for my summer makeup, but goodness these are just beautiful.

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