Sunday Shopping – Boots + Superdrug

The ‘shop with me’ style videos I’ve been putting out the last few years have quickly become my most viewed content. With that in mind I’ve decided to take weekly trips to the high street (what a hardship) and film a video in a new shop each week. I’ll still be making my monthly pilgrimage to Primark (don’t worry)  but after the response to my Matalan visit I thought it would be fun to diversify more often.

This week I’m going completely the other way and BEAUTY shopping! I rarely film beauty hauls these days because I realised that I was swimming in makeup and skincare and 80% of it had been purchased purely for review. It was becoming too much for my storage and my wallet so I’m hoping that just as the ‘shop with em’ replaced the clothing haul, it may do the same for beauty!

I took a little trip around Boots (which is getting an overhaul – I can’t wait to see the finished product) and Superdrug in Meadowhall at some of the new launches and what’s been released since I last took the time to really look. If you’re interested, the video is below. If you’d like to recommend/request a certain new product you’d like to see me review here/on YouTube then let me know!


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