Sunshine Shopping

It’s Friday! It’s Warm and our Summer Holidays are feeling a little closer. It’s time to get excited about SUMMER SHOPPING! Best of all there are a whole host of sales on right now, completely taking advantage of our heat-addled, excited minds. I’ve been window shopping for the past week or so, putting together my top picks of the high street right now and compiling an ongoing ‘wishlist’ now called SHOP – this will be an ever changing tab, more for me to keep track of items I’ve seen than anything. Today, however, I’ve added some extras and this post will be a bumper version.

Very Exclusive have their bi-annual Friends & Family event on right now with 30% off most items. It’s the only time I’ll shop on the site (that and the regular sales) since the brands are pricey but it’s a great opportunity to grab some current season bargains..

ASOS also have a sale (when do they not?) with up to 60% off so I’ve put together my favourite super deals from them too. I also have some ‘wishlist’ items from ASOS in the SHOP section right now, I just wanted to keep this sale-only.

Lastly, New Look. I filmed a ‘come shop with me’ last week that you may have seen here and am totally in love with the store now. I’ve already placed another order online since then so I thought I’d browse the sale on your behalf 😉

Right, I’d better get some real work done now so I can have a beer in the sun after the school run 👍


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