Superdrug Event

I was a terrible blogger at this event and took few photos but in truth there was little to photograph that you can’t see in your local store. The event was basically introducing us to the new products and the Christmas gift launch.
Firstly I couldn’t get enough of the Andrew Fullerton range because at this point we didn’t have this at my local store… it’s such a great concept. Lots of different products in the range but the most interesting is the trio selection.. (pictured below) You get two colours which can be used seperately or can be layered to create another shade entirely.. In theory you could then buy several sets and experiment to create your own unique nail colour. I just love that idea.. I’ve never seen anything like it before (that’s just me) I’ve found a little colour chart … check that out below the product pictures.

As soon as I have some to test I will swatch some and do a full review for you guys.. personally I can’t wait.. this was by far the product that held my interest longest!
Next up we were introduced to the new GOSH virtual makeover machine..
Put aside anything you think you already know about virtual makeovers.. this thing is AWESOME!
I’ve tried those online ones in the past where you have to adjust your features etc. I don’t know how but this machine takes your photo and recognises the differences in everyones face.. It knows exactly where your eyeliner/shadow/lip products and blush should go.. how does it do that??
Our willing volunteer on the day was Catherine (from perfectlypolishednails) but I’ve had a go at my local store since then and am beyond impressed. The shades may not be perfect matches for the products you’re looking at but it’s a huge step in the right direction.. maybe just needs a little tweak in that regard.
There were a few new GOSH products I had my eye one too so watch this space for hauls/reviews, I’m a total convert now and can’t wait to try their foundation primer.

Lastly they were offering eyebrow threading.. I was a wimp, looked pretty painful and Catherine (again our volunteer – trooper!) said it was like knives.. she thought this was selling it to me, said it didn’t hurt but the word “knives” didn’t really instill confidence.. I think I’ll stick to plucking and waxing! Her brows did look fab afterwards though.. very neat and almost looked filled in.
Overall it was a fun morning and I’m thankful I could make it down. Catherine took pity on me as I was gonna be trapsing around London alone all day once the event was over.. she let me follow her around for which I am very grateful 🙂 I’ll admit before then I hadn’t heard of her blog but since then have read a lot of her posts.. It’s a good read and she’s running a great Mulberry giveaway right now so check it out

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  1. 26 October, 2010 / 10:13 am

    Omgg why were you alone and where was the boyfriend!
    why didnt you ask one of your subbies to tag along… like a meet up that wouldve been good!

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