Superdrug Foot Nourishing Sock Pack – Mask Monday

If you are a regular viewer you will already know of my love for these foot ‘masks’. I’ve tested different brands but for price, fragrance and effect, Superdrug is King. These are not those peeling masks you’ve heard about where all of your skin falls off – but scroll down to watch my experience with the Footner mask last year if you’re in to that – these are an entirely pampering and 100% less scary experience.

After my bath (where I’ve buffed my feet with my cheap Primark ‘Pumice’) I pop on these ‘socks’ and leave them on for as long as I can stand. I’m not a sock wearer and especially in the summer months it can be like some bizarre form of torture to put what are essentially plastic bags on my hot feet but I have a couple of tips if you feel the same way.

  1. Keep them in the fridge – your summer feet will thank you!
  2. Put them in a bowl of cold water – so long as the water doesn’t get in to the sock you can keep your feet chilled while you soften your skin

If you’re a cold feet kinda person then throw on a pair of slipper socks on the top and wear them overnight for the ultimate result. I always end up tearing them off in a rage at 1am when I try it but it’s a nice idea.

they do the same job as daily moisturising but in one intense hit and if you are going to do that foot peel thing (it’s very effective once it’s over) these are the perfect follow up treatment to rehydrate. I like them as a weekly treat and usually wear them while I’m doing housework or something else where I can’t just lather on the Heel Genius and let it go to work. If you can do that (the moment I put cream on my feet I need a wee) then Soap & Glory has the product for you but if you have figurative itchy feet then why not literally nourish them while you go about your day?


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