Swap-Shop and blog update…

I’m so excited to start swapping with my subscribers. I’ve started already with MisssLadyRose and had a few people come forward saying they wanna swap for some things I showed in my video…
It’s so cool! I really like this new idea, I’m excited to put my packages together aswell as recieve some goodies 😀
I’m watching The City right now and it’s making me think maybe I should do my “celebrity inspiration” video/blog in the next few days…
I’ve been meaning to do it for AGES just haven’t gotten around to it..
I also wanna get my style blog up with some pictures… it’s not like i dont have time lol… why haven’t i got these up already?
I think because I had few followers of my blog b4 I wasn’t really driven to keep it up to date and get on the blogs I planned to do.. now I’m getting a couple of followers and veiwers I am definitely gonna make more effort..
I think either my celeb style inspiration/”my style” blog will be uo tomorrow …
so keep reading/watching


miss bb


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