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Any of you out there who have struggled with end of year Teacher gifts can breathe a sigh of relief thanks to Cadbury’s most recent offering. I for one do not want to force ANOTHER ‘Greatest Teacher’ teddy on them, one or two are nice but if every kid in every class every year buys them a keepsake they’re going to need a second home to house them all! Sweet treats are almost always welcome and if they can’t face 30 boxes of chocolate themselves I’m sure they can find them a good home elsewhere. These little Thank You boxes are the perfect gift for the teacher that (let’s face it) you know very little about but whom you’d like to thank for the (hopefully) great job they did with your kid this year. Ella is super excited to take hers in this week and I’m hoping I can keep the boys away from them long enough for them to actually make it to school.

Of course they’re a good idea for anyone you’d like to send a thank you message to, it’s a token gesture they’ll appreciate without you breaking the bank or buying them nick knacks they probably don’t want or need.

Available online for £3.99 here

Miss BB

*Not sponsored but paid in chocolate – does that count?



  1. 15 July, 2014 / 5:21 pm

    If you have a heron foods buy you I think they are selling these for under £2 making it an even better bargain!


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