Tanning Disaster / Weekly Wind Down 3.3

*this a representation of ‘tan’ – not the disaster outlined below 😉

Today has been an unintentionally busy one because of yesterday’s tanning disaster. I’ve been trying to work through some popular formula’s for review ahead of Summer and the most recent (soon to be revealed) was the worst fake tan experience of my life. I cannot overstate how uneven and dark this ‘light’ product is. I’ve spent my Sunday in and out of the bath, covered in oils and exfoliating masks and I’m now scrubbed to the point where I can scrub no more but  still I have streaks and patches of orange.

Thank god it’s still sweatshirt weather or I’d look a mess for work tomorrow!

In other news, I’ve stayed strong to my no-buy (despite a testing trip to Leeds yesterday) and reminding myself that I’d rather have that £20 to spend in $s (or even duty free!) is working wonders so far! I’ve already saved myself a fortune in pre-holiday impulse buys. I really need to do this more often.

I’ve been testing out some products from Beauty Pie (spoiler – they make a foundation to rival my Hello Happy from Benefit) and am about to light a lurvly smelling candle from them as a treat for finally writing up this post. Their whole deal is very interesting to me (in case you haven’t heard about them – they’re a membership service) and I was offered some products to try but once my ban has lifted I think I’m going to sign up. Do any of you use them?

I’ve been back on the podcast kick this week; taking a break from Audible. Conan O’Brien Needs a friend has been a highlight as well as Comedy Bang Bang, an old favourite that I always return to. May I suggest you begin with their ‘Best Of 2018’ episodes to dip your toe?

I finally watched Sabrina on Netflix. It was good, I took a while to really get in to it but once I did and I knew it was connected to Riverdale I’ve also returned to that and am happy to announce, I’m all caught up. I am never not watching TV. The only time I’m not listening to/watching something really is while I’m writing (like now) or while I’m filming. I watch TV to go to bed, I listen to things all day and while I edit photos/am cooking/cleaning/in the bath/tidying.. literally all other times I’m watching something.

I did watch the Neverland documentary and am so shocked at the response and how divisive it was. There’s no firm evidence for either party and I doubt there ever will be but I believe he was inappropriate with those boys. Whether they elaborated etc I can’t say but I don’t think MJ is as innocent as many seem to. I’m not sure I can do the Madeleine McCann one though. Did you see it?

Anywho, I’d better go and feed the teenager (and me) and finish this last episode of Riverdale (so as not to make myself a liar) ..oh and burn this candle!

That’s it for another week!

..oh, and if you want some visual continuance.. here are this week’s videos..


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