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My second (and last) SheSaidBeauty box arrived today so as usual I thought I’d show you what I got..
The Vintage Cosmetic Company
“Kitty” False Lashes £6.00
I have a drawer full of false lashes that I never use so this will just be added to the pile. They look nice and all but I don’t need to try out false lashes.. it’s not really a beauty sample is it?
Green People
SPF15 With Tan Accelerator £12.99 for 100ml
 When I first read the blurb on this I thought it had to contain an element of fake tan but having done a little google research it would seem that it in fact.. does not! Consider me shocked! It supposedly increases the melanin in the skin encouraging it to tan. Who knows if it works but it’s a handy size to keep in my makeup bag to remind me to apply sunscreen every day!!!
Kim Kardashian
Eau De Parfum £22.95 for 30ml
This was the first thing I saw upon opening the box. Nowhere near me (that I’m aware of) stocks this but I’ve always wanted to smell it. Turns out it’s really not for me but the packaging is super cute and the rollerball tester is a fab idea so had I liked the scent I would have loved this!
Certified Vegan Lip Whip, Apricot £14.30
This is possibly the most overpriced makeup product I’ve come across to date. It’s tiny yet apparently ‘full sized’ and everything from the packaging to the colour seems so dated to me. I guess the market for organic/vegan type products is growing all the time but I would never pay £14.30 for this.
Lotus Soap Trio £8.50 for 3
I think this was what hammered the final nail in the coffin for me.. a soap. A soap? What? 
It’s 1 of 3 you can buy in a set for £8.50 all of which are feature mood enhancing scents used during yoga. Ok.. all I know is this is not a beauty product.. I don’t care what ‘she says’!
3 Sample Bonus Gift
Bright Defence Serum & Day Cream and Nourishing Lite Day Cream
I actually really liked this..  I always thought this is what beauty boxes should have been about. I’d have preferred a box full of little sachet samples that random bars of soap any day. They’re great for travel and you can try a whole new range.. isn’t that what we wanted?
Overall I wasn’t uber impressed this month and in contrast to the awesome April Glossybox this has reminded me why I’ve cancelled subscription services altogether. Yes sometimes you get a brilliant selection but most of the time you don’t and it works out a great big waste of money! This is a good exampe of what I’ve come to expect from beauty boxes and I’m just not impressed anymore.
For more info on this months box stockists and how to sign up
Visit their website here
Have you given up on the craze yet?
Miss BB


  1. 3 May, 2012 / 12:58 pm

    I suprising like this perfume!! Don't get it celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton (love her Heiress perfume) who really annoy me tend to have perfumes that I love, but too embarrassed to buy lol!

  2. 3 May, 2012 / 1:08 pm

    I've never liked the look of the she said beauty contents, they just dont seem to compare to others around!x

  3. 3 May, 2012 / 1:09 pm

    that lashes are so cute!

  4. 3 May, 2012 / 1:14 pm

    Apart from the false eyelashes there's nothing I'd really want in this box. I gave up beauty boxes too as I was just left feeling disappointed by my Glossybox every month. I just kept thinking of all the other fab make up bits I could get with £13! x

  5. 3 May, 2012 / 1:17 pm

    I agree with you! I've always liked the thought of beauty boxes, but I know I would regret subscribing – I'd rather spend my money on something I think I'd like, rather than a no full of surprises that I probably would use.

  6. 3 May, 2012 / 1:31 pm

    this is my first and only she said box, i will be cancelling this subscription, i pretty much got exactly the same as you khila but when the box arrived the paper inside was ripped and all crumpled! my glossy box is always perfect like the paper has been ironed lol, it looked like it had already been opened, plus i believe my glossy box contents are always much more my type of product! was really looking forward to this box as it was a first for me, but now im really dissapointed ūüôĀ x

  7. 3 May, 2012 / 1:41 pm

    I loved the first two boxes (April's in particular) but this month they seem to have hit a bad note. The Snowberry samples and perhaps the soap are the only things I'd probably use from this. I think I'm going to give it another month and see if they can come back from this. I suppose subscribing to beauty boxes is always going to be a gamble. :/ x

  8. 3 May, 2012 / 2:51 pm

    I have cancelled all my supscriptions too, i really like the idea of the beauty boxes but the disappointment each month was getting a bit much! The lashes are the only thing that caught my eye in this box, so I'm pleased I didn't cave and sign up to she said, I was soo close!

  9. 3 May, 2012 / 6:15 pm

    I still love my Glossybox, I've been consistently impressed with them! This one doesn't look very good though – soap, really?!? x

  10. 4 May, 2012 / 12:50 am

    I actually really liked this box except for the soap. I never use soap bars and instead either use liquid soap or shower/bath gels. I loved the lashes I got, they were fairly understated so will just fill out the lash line and I was pleasantly surprised by the KK perfume too. Its a shame so many people are disappointed with beauty boxes recently. They could be such a great concept if only they could promise greatness every month. xx

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