The BEST Budget OTK Boots EVER!


I cannot begin to tell you how much I love these boots! Every season I see people wearing the Stuart Weitzman boots in my instagram feed and wish I could justify £700+ on a pair but I just. can’t. I’m not averse to dropping large sums of money from time to time but I’m always more wary when it comes to shoes (they just wear so quickly compared to handbags) and I worry that the Over The Knee trend is too ‘of the moment’ to invest in.


Every year I take to the high street trying on a million more affordable pairs, ordering and returning numerous versions before finally accepting that a good quality, non-suede pair doesn’t exist. Well, my friends, this year I have found that unicorn.. in my beloved H&M, of course. Whenever I’m looking for a specific item I always end up in H&M, they do basics so well in all categories so it should have been no surprise but when I tried them on I could have shed a tiny tear.


They have a small zip on the inside of the calf but the boot isn’t structured so you still get the smooth appearance. The ‘leg’ (what do you call the upper part of a boot?) is slim to my own without adding bulk and there’s a lace up back to the thigh should you need to adjust the fit. I’ve worn these with jeans and on bare legs and have had no issue with them sliding or falling down and they are SO comfortable! The biggest win for me though? The toe.  Almost every pair I tried on had a protruding sole, I wanted a (more expensive looking, in my opinion) invisible sole and these are perfect.


Obviously it’s a matter of preference but I think this is as close to the uber expensive SW highlanders as you can get. They also come in plum AND there are still a ton of sizes available online, despite me having been incredibly late in posting this. They’re £39.99 and you can always get some kind of discount (sign up to their ‘club’ and get 10% off) but even full price I’d recommend/repurchase them, in a heart beat!


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  1. 10 December, 2017 / 4:50 pm

    I’d be reluctant to spend a fortune on shoes too, like you said the just don’t last as long as a trusty handbag! Love this outfit, the boots look great with the coat! xx

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