The Blanket Scarf


So the first thing you’re going to learn about me today is that I can’t remember how to wear a blanket scarf. I’m CERTAIN I looked this up last year and it was a kind of giant cowboy neckchief situation but when I took these pictures that online learning had obviously vanished from my mind because.. what the what is this? That aside I love this scarf, it was an ASOS purchase last Autumn and it sold out super fast but it’s back in a new (much nicer, arg) colour and it seems to be sticking around cause there has been stock available for a while! Maybe Zoella talked about it last year? I don’t know but having worn this to death I think I’m going to be buying the new one too.


As for the rest of my outfit? Well you’re in luck cause some version of almost all of it is currently 30% off in the Very Exclusive Friends & Family Sale! I’ve bought a lot of pricey handbags over the years and have to say that my Rockie is my most worn, especially at this time of year, as is this jacket from Whistles. Both were purchased on sale (cause £££) and both were impulse buys which historically don’t work out well for me but in both cases they were a win so if you’re looking to splurge I’d recommend either.. plus the converse cause I’ve never loved a pair of ‘trainers’ more…










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