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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADid anyone else indulge in the Kate Spade sale at the weekend? Their stuff is pretty pricey for what it is but from time to time they send out a discount code and 20% was too good to resist.. so I bought something totally unnecessary that I definitely didn’t need.. a jewellery box. I have some drawers in my dressing room which hold the bulk of my jewellery however I rarely look through it so unless it’s something I wear daily I don’t actually wear much of what I have. After adding a few pieces to my collection recently I thought I might start keeping it somewhere more accessible and so although I didn’t NEED this box it will be perfect to hold my favourite items on my dressing table.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ll take you through some stand outs.. the rings are of course my favourite. I love jewellery in general but anything fiddly that has clasps is going to get less wear unless I don’t have to take it off. I don’t often buy costume necklaces etc for this reason.. if it’s silver I will leave it on until I switch it for something else – my Tiffany Arrow for example (not pictured – can still get the bracelet version here) has been around my neck for more than a year. Some of you might think that’s mad but I’m so forgetful, I sleep/shower in my watch or I’d never wear that either.. which would driver my MAD! I’d be forever looking down at my bare wrist for the time. My newest additions are this ‘H’ ring and Lucky Heart bracelet both from Vamp at Jewel Street. Next on my wishlist from them is this gorgeous Crossover ring, everything is so delicate and sparkly! Another ring I wear A LOT and chose because it’s the best copy of a certain designer piece I coveted FOREVER is the Love ring from Pandora. I have had a few Pandora rings in silver and I don’t know what it is but I can’t keep hold of them. I don’t know if it’s my magpie children or what but I want to keep tabs on this so I wear it most days. One of my favourite things about it is how flat it is.. super comfy to wear and it doesn’t catch on my hair/clothing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy wedding set I’ve talked about before but for those wondering it’s an antique diamond and 2 amethysts (my birth stone) in a setting I had made from my own ‘design’ – I highly recommend the service at Ernest Jones (although I’m sure it’s all much of a muchness with these high street places) – I went in to a design day, spoke with a jewellery designer and a couple of months later the ring arrived and was even lovelier than I could have imagined. The other ring was my original engagement ring, the one Lee proposed with knowing I was going to have the other made. It’s gorgeous and super sparkly when just cleaned but dulls so quickly. It’s a bit flashy and large for day to day and I wish I had more reason/occasion to wear it but I popped it in my jewellery box in the hope I will wear it more often. For those wondering it’s still available (although much pricier now) from Tiffany here.

I bought a new bracelet recently having again seen a discount code I couldn’t resist from By Alona. I’d seen this particular piece on instagram and loved it but it’s expensive for silver plated jewellery.. 30% took the edge off though so I bit the bullet and made the purchase. The one I have is called Joelle.. there are couple of options in the ‘what goes around’ design and I’m not entirely sure what the difference is but I like the one I have and love the message. Another bracelet I bought last year but have only just started wearing is from Alex & Ani, it’s a souvenier from New York where we will hopefully be revisiting for my birthday NEXT year (the big 3-0) so I thought it was about time I took the tags off!

The jewellery box is flocked on the inside with no compartments and really quite compact but it feels so luxurious, weighty and solid. If you’re looking to treat yourself or better still for a gift I can’t think of anyone that wouldn’t love it. Oh and the watch is the Grammercy, they do a few colour options and I do like the silver/pink combo but this one filled a unique spot in my collection. A bit of a pain to get off and on until you get the hang of it but a lovely watch all the same. So that’s what’s in my current jewellery stash, I’m going to try and switch things out every few months so hopefully wear of what I have so if you enjoy posts like this let me know and I might just do another in the future.

Miss BB

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