The Easiest Lashes You’ll EVER Apply!

Dear missbudgetbeauty readers, I am happy to introduce to you today the easiest false lashes you will ever apply! I so rarely use lashes because quite frankly I almost always balls them up, ruin my eye makeup and have to pick lash glue off my lids all day.. not fun! Although my own lashes are not great and falsies really are a nice bonus for me the time and effort involved just never seemed worth it. On top of that I can always feel the lashes which is just plain irritating to a fairly low maintenance girl like myself (no really). Enter Kiss.

I filmed a kind of ‘first impressions’ video using these for the first time and as it’s pretty difficult to photograph this kind of thing yourself I thought I’d steal screen shots from the video to show you a step by step here on my blog. The style I applied is 56332 (here). I think the step by step is fairly self explanatory but I thought I’d give you a brief overview. The gimmick is that each end of each lash is attached to a string which you hold to position the lashes over your own and apply them without getting glue everywhere or poking yourself in the eye with your tweezers – I have done both of these things! The application is beyond easy and even the most noobiest of false lash noobs would be able to use these. My one and only complaint has to be the glue, it smells so bad (searching the house for the forgotten nappy kind of bad) and it it dries white. I do not understand why all lash glue isn’t invisible.. it’s just crazy to me but hey ho, if it’s a real issue you can purchase glue separately. The most important thing here is the lashes,  I wore them all day and could happily have worn them all night, super comfortable and just all round great!

Watch the video here or follow the steps below..

You can buy the new Kiss Ever Easy Lashes range from Boots for £6.50 here. As a non-regular false lash wearer I consider that to be quite an expensive if you’re wearing them everyday or even several times a week. I know that some brands are better than others for reuse but I’m interested to hear from those of you that do this sort of thing.. How much does it cost you per month? I loved these lashes and they’ve definitely whet my appetite to wear them more often but at £6.50 a go they will be saved for special occasions.

Miss BB



  1. 26 July, 2012 / 10:07 pm

    Can you only apply these once? I cant figure out if you can just thread the string back in and use them again or not. xx

    • missbudgetbeauty
      27 July, 2012 / 9:05 am

      you can reuse the lashes but the striungs are a one time deal which makes them very expensive if you can’t apply them without!

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