The End is in Sight

FINALLY! Lee has received his decree nisi. His divorce papers will be processed on 17/11 and 6 weeks later he will be divorced. That does, unfortunately, scupper our Christmas wedding plans as 6 weeks takes us to 29/12. We need to give 16 days notice to marry which means the very earliest we can do it is 14/01. So next year. It’s unreal how long we’ve been waiting for this to happen… close to 2 years, that’s ridiculous! Anyway. I think the plan is still Sheffield Town Hall now, it’s so lovely inside and still inexpensive. We will do it sometime in January and I’m excited. I suppose it will be nice to have something to look forward to after the baby, after Christmas and before our Vegas Vac-ay. January is still wintry and festive it just sucks that we can never have anything just as we want it. At least I can buy Ella and Milo’s outfits in the January sales 😛
Miss BB

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