In the social media world of blogging things have been a little rocky this week. I try to stay away from the corner of the internet reserved for trolls gossiping about bloggers but it was all over twitter and tough to ignore recently. I saw a lot of posts claiming to unmask people who should know better that were apparently badmouthing fellow bloggers on a certain site and dozens more people begging to see lists of those who had been caught in the act. For me all it was was attention for those who crave it most. As with any bully the best thing you can do is completely ignore them, now I know first hand how hard that is to do and when they come after you in such viscous ways I’m not saying it’s easy but launching a twitter campaign will get you nowhere but in the sights of those trolls. They know they’re getting to you, they know what their doing is working.. why are you giving them what they want?

Ultimately we shouldn’t care what a bunch of strangers say about us but we do, it’s human nature.. what’s harder to hear is that potentially people you thought were ‘friends’, those you confided in may have been ‘one of them’. You do need to be careful what you say to people online because much as you think you know them, you don’t. I have very few really good friends but I trust them with every tiny detail of my life and it’s tough to differentiate between those people I really know and those I FEEL like I do. It’s not unlike catfishing, you may not be a young, naive girl looking for love but you may be looking for friendship from like-minded folk who appear to be nice enough and in fact just want to post the ins and outs of your life online for others to mock. As far as I’m aware I’ve not fallen foul to anyone so horrid but what I’ve gathered from this weeks twitter drama is to be more cautious as to what I share with people I meet online.

I don’t ever visit gossip forums anymore and took a brief hiatus from twitter when it all kicked off a few days ago because honestly I just don’t need that, I’ve been there, let it upset me and felt stupid for it. They don’t think of you like a person, we’re all guilty of gossiping about Katie Price and her latest husband/baby without thinking she’d be hurt if she overheard so you have to put it in to that perspective. To them you’re just an internet person, they don’t know you so nothing they say can really be hurtful, can it? So long as they’re not directly threatening your life you have to just accept that they’re out there somewhere and they don’t like you. I’d rather not think they were someone I’d been chatting to online for 2 year but hey, if they are I obviously wasn’t a great judge of character!

Whether you’re new to blogging, old hat or just a reader caught in the cross fire, know that this comes with the territory, it means nothing in the real world and most importantly only you can put a value on the words of others, I suggest you don’t! Just ignore them and get on with your super interesting life that other people want to talk about 😉

Miss BB



  1. 18 May, 2014 / 9:42 am

    Totally with you, I saw loads of nasty things so just concentrated on replying to people’s “normal” tweets I.e not about being caught up in bitching, similarly so many people have caught up on the Katie price bandwagon and none of us have any right to bitch slate or be spiteful it’s someone’s life and feelings.

    Great post


    Libertylovesmakeup.blogspot.com xx

  2. 18 May, 2014 / 10:04 am

    I’ve read in the past some of the crap that’s been written about you online, and I’m so glad that you’re ignoring it! x

  3. 18 May, 2014 / 11:02 am

    Completely agree with you here. It’s really sad when people are online bullies but it’s good to stay strong and rise above it 🙂


  4. 18 May, 2014 / 1:27 pm

    Oh gosh. Glad I missed all of this. Some people are so horrible and clearly have nothing better to do. It’s sad really. Very inspiring post. Xx

  5. 18 May, 2014 / 2:15 pm

    Loved you post and so glad you did it, I Do have my own blog for just over 1 year now and my own youtube channel, I know what trolling is, I have been called everything under the sun just becasue I have decided to do something like love, and something that I find puts a smile on my face.
    I just think the trolls have been around for decades it is just their platform and how easy it is for the trolls has well just got easier.
    When I was at school in the 90’s and 00’s they internet was not around so much (as when my parents were are school in the 70’s and 80’s) So I used to get bullied face to face with name calling, and something been tripped up, pushed kicked etc. But now it is so easier for the trolls as they can do it without anyone finding out who they really are. I used to get it face to face but now I can not see them (this is why I changed my settings in my blogger comments so you had to add your name and email address before posting so I have their email and I know something about them even if it is not much but it seems to have stopped people from being trolls on my blog (so far any way)
    I had not known about the whole twitter blow out over trolls around blogs and things because I had not really been on their for a few days and I would not know what to really look for. But It is just awful that people would just bully others just to have something to do.

    It still really effects be day to day (as I have illnesses which make that so) but I just try and think to myself that if that troll has time to think about me and think about writing a comment to me and then on top of that have the time to think what to write, then that troll must not have a very interesting life at all and all they have time to do is to go on my blog/youtube give me views and just think about me well then they must be pretty sad.
    If I understood this write from your blog post that a friend you met online was one of the trolls to you then I am very sorry to hear that And I can not believe that someone who would pretend to be your friend would do such a thing. As you know you have all of us here.

    Sorry this comment is so long I didn’t notice and got into my groove of writing their. Well I hope this made some sort of sense to you.



  6. 18 May, 2014 / 5:21 pm

    I’ll never understand why grown women (which is who I’ve seen the most nastiness from) feel the need to belittle other people. If you’re not happy with your life, do something about it and leave other people alone. If there are posts or tweets I don’t like I either have a rational discussion about it or ignore it. Real life is hard enough as it is, why bother making it harder by getting involved with crap on the internet too? Great post 🙂

  7. Lisa
    18 May, 2014 / 11:19 pm

    You know what, that is such great advice!! I think this is also great advice about internet trolls in general!! Go you 🙂
    L x

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