The Hamptons Kitchen Dream – in The UK

I know I’m not alone in lusting after the dreamy Hamptons-style kitchen in the UK but I have struggled to find this all american vibe from many English sources. Since I’m going to attempt a version of this without any major renovations, I thought it might be useful to share the journey for those like me who were struggling for relevant inspo.

I will post some product links etc at a later date but it seemed like a good idea to start with a visual brain dump so you understand the vibe I’m aiming for. Ultimately clean, beachy and bright with some warmth.

this is pretty much the layout of the dining area off out kitchen
This is the style of chair I was original set on – also considering a row of cabinets like this
I think we’re going for this subway tile, white counters with baby blue, brass and rattan accents so this feels like my mood board in one image!

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