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I am deep in to saving for a little home renovation right now so I’m trying HARD to avoid the current Winter sales and Spring arrivals. I’ve tried to focus my energy on content creation, major decluttering and The Sims to distract myself so far but today I am weak so I’m allowing myself a Sunday browse and calling it ‘work’ by writing up this wishlist.

These mini bags from Accessorize are ADORABLE and most of the colours are on sale for £10!! Talking of handbags (which we usually are) have you seen the Cambridge Satchel sale??? It took everything in my being (and a peek at my bank balance) to stop myself from pulling the trigger on this metallic chevron beauty. I lusted over that at Christmas so I feel like it might be one of those bags that ‘got away’ .. actually, do I need it? I might need it.. somebody stop me.


Another ‘OMG, take my money!’ moment this week was When ASOS kindly sent over an email announcing that they’re now stocking MAC cosmetics. 1. discount, 2. points, 3. free next day delivery – YES PLEASE!! I may have to knock up a little ‘must haves’ post for you with my all time favourites later this week. I’ve been wanting to massively downsize my makeup collection recently and MAC lipsticks are the thing I’m really struggling to part with!


A work colleague (who’s going to New York next month – I’m not even a little bit jealous) brought this beauty of a hot pink coat to my attention last week. I’ve been scouring the internet for a cheaper alternative ever since and I just can’t find anything as nice! This perma-Winter we’re in has me thinking I absolutely need this in my life but I just can’t spend £170 on a bright pink coat! UPDATE: It’s not £136 in the sale. IT’s A SIGN!!


On the work front I’ve been compiling a lengthy wishlist of equipment I’d like to replace! There’s not as much money in mid-range blogging these days (or at least in my experience – I may just not be doing very well) so it’s hard to justify the cost of upgrades but that doesn’t stop me wishing. I finally treated myself to Final Cut Pro in January and now I’m desperate for a new camera.. well, cameraS, really. I’ve had my Canon DSLR for about 5 years and it’s showing signs of wear. My G7X ‘vlogging camera’ is fantastic but they just don’t last well at all. You’re lucky to get a full 12 months of good auto-focus and no body issues! I’d love to just go out and buy a brand new one but the more I think about it the more I think I need to find an alternative that’s a little more robust.


Lastly, my laptop feels like it’s on its last legs. It a macbook air and gets some serious hammer.. works fine but I’ve had a few moments this years where I’ve though ‘uh oh, better get backed up, just in case’. Again, huge outlay so I’m not going to be splurging anytime soon but I think I’m going to go back to a pro once the house is done and my money is my own again!


Back to the fun stuff, I discovered this site called Brand Outlet this week that stocks Rebecca Minkoff. Have any of you used it? I’m trying to wean myself off the designer gear (have you noticed) since I fell in to a money pit with handbags a couple of years ago. It’s truly addictive once you can splurge on items you once lusted after but they also lose their lustre once they become more available to you. I was once a huge Minkoff fan so I’ve revisited her stuff in the past 6 months or so and am constantly looking for UK sales. One of my favourite styles is this Regan Satchel, so casual but structured and large enough for a laptop. Basically my ideal bag. I actually snagged a second hand Mini MAC on eBay this week for £30!! Near perfect condition too so I’m now watching about a dozen others in case they go for a steal!

It’s like breaking open the mind of a shopaholic right there, isn’t it? My son drives me nuts with his constant lists of the many Star Wars lego sets he’s going to ask for for Christmas and Birthdays (the easter bunny is getting a letter, apparently) and I definitely haven’t encouraged that in him but what can I really say? I get it, dude! We have a deeply materialistic streak in us and it’s a struggle. The heart just wants.


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