The Hottest Day

fffYesterday was supposedly the hottest day of the year. I was in the office most of the day but managed to snap these pics with Lee after work and it was seriously sunny.  I’m fairly certain is was also the ‘Day Of The Ants’ (look it up) I swear they were in full swarm mode it was horrendous. Needless to say I didn’t spend much time in the sun.. hopefully those of you that were off to enjoy it weren’t chased inside from your plans.. let me know if they were crazy near you too.  I’ve been considering setting up a ‘closet’ area in the spare bedroom to inspire me to shoot more outfit pictures, would you like to see more? As a reader I do tend to spend more time on style blogs than I do on beauty ones.. with beauty reviews etc I’m usually looking for something particular whereas I feel like I can scroll through and read years worth of fashion posts. Is it just me? I think it’s something to do with actually seeing a face.. I like to see how said blogger has evolved over the course of their blog.. it’s tough to see that from product pictures etc. I think I connect more to a blogger when they actually pop in and say hi regularly enough. I’ve been really enjoying Bows&Sequins recently but I’d love to hear who your favourite style bloggers are as I’m always looking for new reads!

IMG_1133jjj*What I’m Wearing*

Top – Next / Jeans – Topshop Joni / Shoes – H&M / Sunglasses – RayBan / Bag – LV Neverfull MM / Watch Michael Kors Lexington / Bracelet – Stella & Dot / Nails – China Glaze Highlight Of My Summer

ggghhhOn another note, the heat has been KILLING me lately. I am SO not a Summer person but this new Brita Water Bottle* has helped encourage me to stay hydrated. I’ve been putting in a drop of juice here and there to make it a bit more interesting (not sure if that might mess with the filter but tbh.. not hugely bothered about that) but I’ve been drinking so much more water now I have it. I try to remember to refill the bottle and pop it in the fridge so when I want to go in and reach for a diet coke I have the option of ice cold water instead.. any little push away from the fizz is welcome.. I’m very much an addict. One thing worth mentioning about it is that it’s not like a regular water bottle, I really struggled to drink from it at first but once I figured out that the nozzle is actually attached to a STRAW and you don’t have to tip it up to get the water out it was plain sailing. Well.. I say that but it’s a pretty bizarre concept to get used to. Have any of you tried One of these bottles?

Lastly I just received this new Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in Cannes Crush*, this is the first time I’ve worn it so I’m not ready to say yay or nay yet but gotta be honest.. first impressions weren’t great. The texture is very odd and although it feels balmy on the lips it seemed to bleed and not really stick around or stain.. I’m hoping that more time and more colours will win me round because I was SO excited about this launch. For those wondering they’re going to be available in August.

I’m praying for a spot of rain to bring the temperature down a bit now, we have the sofa coming tomorrow (still very, very excited) and a trip to IKEA in the afternoon and I REALLY don’t fancy the IKEA warehouse in this heat!

Do any of you have exciting plans for the weekend?

Miss BB



  1. Josie
    18 July, 2014 / 8:39 am

    Your accessories are just beautiful! Love your watch, bag, sunnies – love!

    Also really want to get one of those Brita Filters 🙂

    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

  2. 18 July, 2014 / 8:52 am

    Those sunnies are gorgeous!

  3. Lu
    18 July, 2014 / 9:52 am

    Oh I love your accessories and as for the bottle – I may just need to buy one when I get back to England next week as no need here in Southern Africa where it has been freezing – think thermal vest, leggings, socks and a fire if you are sat too long trying to work!!
    I love your blog as it somehow brings shopping for all my favourite things to me – when in reality the High Street is oh at least an 11 hour flight away!
    Other blogs I love are into the blonde – Adele always writes such fun things and I love her recipes and mix of fashion too! I also love london liberty girl – who reminds me of my glamtastic life I used to have before coming to live here! with a fun mix of fashion, food and pooches! xxx

  4. Binnie
    18 July, 2014 / 9:52 am

    I’ve been debating re the water bottle hmmm sounds good

  5. 18 July, 2014 / 10:08 am

    Don’t know what the weather is like in Sheffield but here in Manchester it’s chucking down 🙁 I’m off to Wetherby today with my 6 yr old to a blogger event at Stockeld Park so I hope it clears up a little bit. Love the top you are wearing and the lipstick looks lovely on, but obviously can’t tell the feel of he formula on. I love the fashion “We Heart Fashion” it is by 2 sisters Kelly and Kim who are Dutch (written in English), Kelly is the fashion blogger and Kim is a model. They are beautiful & down to earth. I also love Victoria’s blog in the frow and Megan’s blog Wonderful You. You may already read the latter 2? Enjoy your weekend & new sofa! xxx

  6. 18 July, 2014 / 10:12 am

    Sorry – after fashion it’s supposed to say blog and not be a gratuitous link to my own (though feel free to visit if you like;) I have my blog address on a shortcut on my iPad keyboard so when I write the b word it comes up automatically & if I am typing fast I sometimes don’t notice it (need to change it!) xxx

  7. 18 July, 2014 / 3:09 pm

    Aw thanks so much! Glad you found me. Checking out your blog now! 🙂

    • missbudgetbeauty
      18 July, 2014 / 9:38 pm

      No worries, you’re now book marked 😉

  8. 18 July, 2014 / 5:34 pm

    Yep, it was flying ant day here too yesterday! Gross!

  9. Jodie Wright
    18 July, 2014 / 6:29 pm

    I have that water bottle and I HATE it! Its a nightmare to get the water out because you have to really suck it through the filter and you just get a little bit of water and a mouthful of air. It leaks too, its like you don’t get all of the water that comes through the filter and the rest just finds a way out. I used it for a full day at uni and my desk kept getting wet and my mouth was sore from trying to get the water out. It might be better if you could squeeze the bottle to help push the water up so I considered getting a bobble bottle but I’ve heard they leak too. The whole idea of water filtering bottles is a dud if you ask me. I got a Brita jug to keep in the fridge and I just fill up a normal water bottle from that.

    • missbudgetbeauty
      21 July, 2014 / 12:57 pm

      thank you x

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