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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA couple of weeks ago Tesco sent me their new Hudl2 to try out and review for you ahead of Christmas. I mentioned it in my gift guide but I wanted to give it a good trial before reviewing/recommending which is why this is coming to you a little late. In the time I’ve had it it’s been around my entire family in the interest of getting as many opinions together as possible and I’m happy to tell you the general feeling is a positive one

IMG_4321My house is Apple-centric and android devices boggle my mind but it didn’t take long to work out how to navigate around the tablet. The kids of course took to it immediately – it’s a special kind of scary when a 3 year old can get in and out of Netflix as quickly as he can. They were happily playing games with no complaints. My parents (the older set)  had already used an android and so were much quicker that I was, they are also avid Tesco customers so the added features regarding clubcard points etc on there were of interest to them. In fact the Hudl2 is part of the clubcard deal where you can get 4x the value of your vouchers which makes this amazing value if you can swing it.

IMG_4314The set up was swift, I had to update some software, sign in to google accounts etc but nothing taxing. I handed it over to my parents ready to go but they would have had no problems without my help (before you brand me ageist they are serious technophobes!) If you’re interested my friend Zoe has an unboxing/set up video which you can watch here or below if you’d like to see the steps and a little demo on film..

IMG_4327I found the tablet to be quick and easy to use, it has expandable memory which I would definitely need as I store lots on my devices – it’s one HUGE bug bear I have about Apple, that you’re stuck with the storage you have unless you buy a new ipad/iphone. My Mum said her only complaint is that when she swipes the screen it can take a few moments to register (lag) however I believe the additional memory may fix that issue. It was something she came across when she’d downloaded a fair amount of content so it was slowing down because it was filling up – I would imagine – not a whizz with these things myself, just marginally better than my parents.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The aesthetics are what really had me. You can choose multiple colours (we were sent pink) and the coloured surround is rubbery and easy to grip. The tablet is super slim but a nice size, comparable to an ipad mini. I miss the home button function of my ipad but again this is going to depend on the devices you’re used to. Although it’s a whole new tablet the operating system is identical to what my parents were using previously so they took now time to adjust where as I would struggle a little more.. that’s how Apple get you, you see! Overall everyone that’s tried it has really liked it and if you’re looking for an affordable tablet for your family I’d recommend it.. ESPECIALLY if you can get it on the clubcard boost deal!! 😉

Available online here for £129

Miss BB



  1. Josie
    16 December, 2014 / 10:55 am

    Ooh I love that you can get it in pink, sounds fab!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  2. Mrs A
    16 December, 2014 / 8:01 pm

    It’s a good little tablet…I’ve just received it from my hubby and it does everything I need it to, and its pink which is a bonus! I’ve got an iPad for work and find it just as good. The video quality on you tube is great too!

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