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This blog is starting to resemble a diary at this point, isn’t it? When you tell someone you have a blog I’m sure most assume it is a diary and we hate that so I may be doing myself a disservice here but hey, whatever makes me want to open my laptop..

Following on from my last post (which, by the way, I realise may have seemed like a threat, I’m not packing in anytime soon! I’m actually feeling really good about blogging at the moment, it’s more YouTube that I think is negatively affecting me and if I go back to work full time and hobby-blogging I may regain what I lost there) something popped up on twitter today (likely from 3 days ago) that inspired me to pick up an idea I had in my drafts.

Blogging is a solo pursuit (or it used to be) and people play their cards pretty close to their chests. In a normal job you’d have colleagues to share best practice (or at least some basic training) but this is all on you which is why bloggers who do share their knowledge are extra special.

I am certain that lots have advised me over the years so I apologise in advance if I’m offending anyone but there are 3 stand outs who supported me early on.


Fee is top of the list because she was the first and she (to me) is what the community is all about. We still exchange info from time to time and although we’ve never met, she’s one of my oldest blogging friends. Fee has managed to build a successful blog outside of London without rubbing shoulders with PR’s or being pictured at events. She gives me hope that it’s possible to be successful wherever you’re based and proves that you can be kind and helpful to others without sacrificing your own progress.


Jane is my favourite person to rant to. She is like me in temperament (though she may disagree) and wont sugar coat anything. She’s who I’d go to when I have a dilemma and need an honest opinion or when something has really f*cked me off and I need someone to say ‘yes, you’re right, they’re all total b*st*rds’.. I’m obviously paraphrasing, Jane would never be so profane. In a world of fluffy, fake friendships I am grateful to have met someone who knows her stuff but doesn’t take herself too seriously.

HayleyHall (previously LondonBeautyQueen)

On the other side, Hayley is much more serious about the business of blogging. This isn’t to say she isn’t lovely too (though I think Jane would take exception to being described as such) but things are a little more black and white. She has a wealth of insider knowledge, working with both bloggers and brands and has helped me on countless occasions. From encouraging me to ‘know my worth’ to outlining terms and conditions I should be enforcing. Her blog is an excellent resource if you’re looking for blogging tips.


These days I have a group chat with ItsEmChannel, CallMeKim, GingerGirlSays & DiamondsnPearls where (in between chat about The Greatest Showman and when we’re next meeting for a booze up) we can sound off about day to day stuff and share what’s working/what isn’t. We all live in totally different areas of the country and I personally don’t know anyone in my ‘real life’ who blogs so having that connection to long distance friends who do is invaluable. It’s hard to find genuine friends who actually want to help you so I try to keep that in mind and be as supportive as I can.

Whether it be responding to a direct message from someone who needs advice, retweeting a post you’ve enjoyed or just following new bloggers, this is what made blogging fun before the allure of the glitz and glam was even a thing. There are people starting new blogs every day, new opportunities to start your own support group and to remind yourself what blogging can be. Bottom line, not everyone will be successful doing this but wont you feel better when you look back at it knowing you didn’t sacrifice kindness in your attempt?



  1. jessica
    16 February, 2018 / 11:27 am

    Clearly I’m on my phone too often, as soon as your email pops up in my notifications I’m there! Glad to hear your sticking around in whichever form it takes. Your blog has evolved over the years & always for the better. I like that you write what’s on your mind at the time, doesn’t feel like a diary more like what’s relevant & personal to you.

  2. 16 February, 2018 / 5:10 pm

    Loved this post 🙂

  3. 16 February, 2018 / 5:45 pm

    Awww aren’t you a babe! Always here for a chat, rant or anything in between!

    • missbudgetbeauty
      19 February, 2018 / 6:43 pm


  4. 19 February, 2018 / 6:22 pm

    Gah, being mentioning in a post along side Jane andd Hayley – I TOTALLY see them as such amazing business women! While I’m over here blogging on my sofa in my pyjamas most of the time haha.

    So lovely you included me because it’s so nice to help others because it is a closed off niche in a lot of ways. I always use to think the ‘mommy blogging’ niche was a lot more open and sharing (and wished that for beauty blogging) but I think I’ve realised now it’s a clever ploy that a lot of mommy bloggers have of dandling the carrot of free help and info to and then at the last minute they whip out that ebook/course for $59.99 hah. Power to them I guess! I’m totally rambling but I find it interesting how support and free info differs in every blog niche.

    I am kind of glad now that I didn’t try to include blog events and general schmoozing into my own blogging in the beginning because my introvert-ness just gets zapped of energy and I crave real conversation. It’s maybe been harder in our niche and I’ve probably missed out on a ton of opportunities ( like that time I turned down a £6k advert – madness!!!) but I think it’s so important to blog how you want and not follow others.

    Can you tell I really liked this post and it’s prompted me to think about everything?!

    Fee x

    • missbudgetbeauty
      19 February, 2018 / 6:43 pm

      haha!!! I’m so glad (although also sorry!)

      you’re totally right, I’ve turned down things that weren’t right for me that would have been VERY lucrative and now I look back and think “was that the right call?” but ultimately it just didn’t sit well. I like to think you and I will still be blogging in our Pjs in our 90s, big money or not whereas the bloggers who took the big paydays will lose sight of what else was in it for them once the money disappears.

      I’ve never seen what you said about the mommy bloggers before BUT I’ve been doing a lot of etsy research recently and spent my entire day listening to a ‘momtrepreneur’ podcast and they talked A LOT about webinars!!!!

      Anyway, you were a HUGE help to me early on and whenever anyone asks me for help I remember the impact you had on me and try to pay it forward! X

  5. 20 February, 2018 / 1:59 am

    Ah no! I don’t think you can generalise folks this way (and I think I’m talking to one of your commenters more in this regard) – yeah sure there are people who have something to sell (and why not) but there are lots of people who will help you just because. It’s about finding the RIGHT people to hang with which in your summation you seem to have found.
    I’m not even going to mention about how many people I’ve helped…free <– check the humble brag!
    Anyhoo I always say find the right people and your perspective will be a positive one.

    • missbudgetbeauty
      21 February, 2018 / 11:08 am

      the thing is, most of us are selling something in some way shape or form and if you’ve taken the time to put together a chargeable service that solves a problem, why would you then give that away here there and everywhere for free? It’s not different (really) than me sending someone a link to my own video rather than offering personal advice.

      I think what Fee meant by her comment was that no community is better than any other, there are the super helpful and the ones that are out for what they can get wherever you go. It’s easy to look at something you’re not a part of and think the grass is greener

  6. 20 February, 2018 / 11:20 am

    Excellent title!

    One thing I’ve always found with your blog and YouTube is that your an actual person (not to say others are robots or anything) but for me I find a lot of “bigger” channels are all about selling their viewers over priced, shit “merch” their not people anymore, just a walking advert with various people dangling them on the end of string and pasting their face everywhere! You get the idea I’m sure!

    I’m with you though, YouTube and blogging isn’t how it used to be and I miss that ☺

    • missbudgetbeauty
      21 February, 2018 / 11:10 am

      yes! I’m actually working on something at the moment that will hopefully give me a new creative outlet and potentially generate some income outside of blogging so that I can focus on why I enjoyed this in the first place rather than ‘success’

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