The Mirrored Monogram

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So you know I’ve spent a good deal of time on the Bauble Bar site of late and one particular custom piece that has been calling to me is an acrylic monogram necklace. I always assumed I couldn’t get one of these as I actually have 4 initials  and it didn’t look like it would work with just 2 but I saw this one and got excited. My first and last initials are both M so I’m a sucker for anything monogrammed and then I saw this on the Bauble Bar site..

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..and I knew I had to have it! The MM looks a little batmany, don’t you think? SO I was going to go ahead and order it (it takes like 3 weeks to arrive) when I realised the price for a decent sized one was considerably more than the initial cost quoted and then there’s a $20 shipping fee on top.. it got to a number that frankly was ridiculous for an acrylic necklace so I decided to look elsewhere and found an absolute steal!

The large charm from BB works out at around $100 total which is around £60 (plus potential customs charges) and it’s 1.6in.. I found THIS which is 2in, comes in more colour options AND is only £24 inc shipping. Amazing! Needless to say I have placed my order, I chose mirrored bronze – which online looks kind of taupey so I’m hoping that’s the case – on a silver chain and I can’t wait for it to arrive.

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I know I’ve bashed Bauble Bar a little in this post but I still have a wishlist as long as my arm and will definitely buy some pieces from them soon I just think some are better value than others. They charge a lot for the personalised stuff where as the more substantial glitzy pieces are more affordable. Just depends on what you’re after but you can see my current wishlist below.. I will have to narrow it down soon because I’m dying to get my hands on one particular hot pink necklace!

Have you embraced the big jewel trend yet? I am so late to that party!

Miss BB


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  1. Jodie
    22 December, 2013 / 10:53 pm

    Customs fees make me rage. I ordered stuff from michael todd and I payed almost as much in customs fees as I did for the stuff. Its that £8 handling fee that really annoys me, they’re a postal service, I’m already paying a shipping fee and they want more, leeches haha.

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