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IMG_2102I get a lot of products sent to me for review but its always more exciting when they’re somehow personalised and bizarre as it may sound these bath salts are no exception. It’s an experience, it really is and if they gave the option of printing a message or a name on the bag I think it would make for an amazing, custom gift. The general idea is that you choose the fragrance that goes in to the salts to give you an entirely customised bathing experience. You choose whether you want something relaxing, invigorating, pampering etc and then choose your oils. One thing I did wonder was whether they would all go together.. I randomly chose three notes I knew I liked but even as I selected them I wasn’t sure that Bergamot and Sandalwood were necessarily compatible.. I’m still not. I chose them because I liked them but also as an experiment. I wonder whether they have designed it so each scent is going to compliment the next or they’re leaving it up to your own knowledge of fragrance and hoping for the best. That’s the only thing I’m not sure about here because it’s not cheap and if you don’t know what you’re doing you might end up with something not so nice.


The salts come in a tinted glass jar to help keep them smelling their best regardless of where they’re kept, it feels substantial and of course you could rinse it out and use it for something else. When you first log on to the site you’re given 3 options of salt mix, Bask, Soothe or Detox. You choose the one that appeals depending on the description, I liked the sound of the mineral rich, luxurious Bask and so that’s what I went for. You then have 10 oils to choose from (you can pick 3) each with their own mini description ie: Bergamot – The Uplifting One, Sandalwood – The Exotic One, Ylang Ylang – The Sexy One. Was I not experimenting I would probably have switched Bergamot for Frankincense (The Spicy One) to keep it in the same scent family but hey.. it’s totally up to you.

From your basket you can add a personal message if you are indeed giving this as a gift and you will get a cute printed gift card with your order.. very nice touch and totally gratis but I still think it would have been cooler to print it on the bag.. no? The jar is $30 (roughly £18) plus P&P – not entirely sure why it’s in dollars as I believe the company is based here in the UK but there ya go. Shipping is FAST for a product that isn’t standard (ie: different for each customer) I think I got mine within 48 hours which is impressive.

Lastly the directions: The suggest you use a quarter of a jar for a mini experience, half a jar for a more intense one and the entire thing (ie: most expensive bath of your life) for a one shot full experience. I used about a third per bath and think that for someone who doesn’t tend to lie around all that long that was enough. If I used the whole thing I’d feel obliged to stay in that bath for several hours to get the most from it.. who has that kind of time? 😉

Overall I’m impressed, the oils were strong in fragrance and very relaxing and left an oily residue in the bath that made my skin feel nourished and smooth. I love the idea of customising the scent and I will likely use the service again with a different combination of oils.. maybe I’ll go for the ‘Soothe’ salts this time..

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  1. Little Sister
    17 September, 2014 / 1:04 pm

    Ah I’m so glad you wrote this! I’ve been dying to get a little more info on these since first hearing about them!
    I’m intrigued to see what the texture, look & feel would be like for the Soothe & Detox versions, and how they differ to this one!

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