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You may remember this post last year when I bought Lee a pair of folding Ray-Bans. I was very jealous but had decided that I wouldn’t look after them well enough to spend big money on sunglasses so I stuck to my H&M pairs. That being said I did occasionally try his on (VERY carefully – he’s precious about his things) and much as I liked them they were chunky and just not ‘me’ – I had a hankering for the new colourful aviators but as previously mentioned – very expensive and I’m not careful.

A month or so ago I posted about the blue ones and how much I wanted them and one of my readers sent me a link to Zalando who were selling them at a hefty discount.. I HAD to have them – see here. I loved (LOVE) them and quickly discovered that (like handbags) designer sunglasses are a little addictive.. I soon wanted a less obnoxious pair and it was between a more subtle aviator style or my own pair of wayfarers.. enter Zalando again. I was offered a discount coupon to put towards my next purchase and so I ordered my second pair..


I had no idea there was another variation to the chunky Wayfarer style but I was so pleased when I received these to find that they are much smaller, almost delicate compared to the originals. They’re more feminine and fit my face better, so pleased with them. I initially chose the brown “tortoise shell” effect over the classic black because I assumed they’d be identical to Lee’s and it seemed daft to have the same pair but they really are different – let me know if you’d like to see a side by side comparison. Much as I love my beautiful blue lenses these will probably get more wear in the winter, more subtle and very much wear-with-all in style and colour. I’m actually really happy I didn’t get the black as I’m so pale I think the brown is a little softer next to my skin.


Zalando currently have these online here – they were a chunk less when I bought them. They seem to have flash sales and the prices change all the time, they’re never higher than RRP but even when I bought my aviators one day they were £70 the next they were £90 so I would say if you find a good price go for it because you don’t know how long it will stick around.

I couldn’t find the aviators I have in stock however they do have THESE black ones in the sale as well as a few other styles you can browse here. Extra discounts include a £10 coupon for signing up to their mailing list and there’s a £5 off £50 and free delivery code running until the end of January – ZALANDO5ALL. I had both pairs with me within a week of ordering and was very happy with the service, even happier with the reader who let me know about Zalando in the first place.

Miss BB

*Voucher provided by Zalando part-paid for the product



  1. 8 January, 2014 / 1:25 pm

    They look gorgeous on you! As much as I’d love a pair of expensive sunglasses, I know I’m clumsy and when I wear sunglasses I often just throw them in a cheap case and then in my bag, so I’d don’t think I’d ever allow myself one 🙁

  2. 8 January, 2014 / 1:51 pm

    I love these sunglasses and I do own a few pairs, unlucky for me my face is small so I have to be careful when I wear them or they fall off! Still on the hunt for some smaller ones!
    Cornelia – Ineffable Beauty

  3. 8 January, 2014 / 7:31 pm

    I love these and have a pair of tortoise-shell raybans that are similar. Gosh, I remember when this style with the little silver tabs was in the first time round (think it had something to do with Top Gun). Gosh I feel old lol
    Love Vicky
    Around and Upside Down

    • 9 January, 2014 / 11:43 am

      Love the shades!

  4. Nicole
    9 January, 2014 / 5:02 pm

    I have this shape too! They’re a lot more flattering on my very round face. I’m on the hunt for aviators now too, you need both right? Xx

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