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When I was a kid I visited Devon/Cornwall every summer with my grandparents. They’re some of my happiest memories and so when we were in Devon earlier this year I couldn’t wait to get Milo to the beach. We’re not what you’d call ‘beach people’, give me a clean poolside any day of the week but there’s something about the sea. When I was old enough to decide what I wanted to do with my time I would go to the seaside with my family in my regular clothes having insisted I was not interested in going anywhere near the water but every time, without fail I’d be up to my knees with rolled up jeans by the end of the day. I don’t love the mess of the beach but there’s something magnetic about the sand and the surf that I can’t resist when I’m actually there.. though I rarely make a plan to go.

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We were in Devon to stay at Berridon Farm – read that post here – and were told that Bude Sea Pool was a local attraction not to be missed. We were told that when the forecast said sun, when we arrived to find apocalyptic rain clouds you’d think we’d have altered our plans but no. Once I have an idea, I’m running with it, whatever the weather.

The area is lovely, there were ‘little boxes on a hillside’ style beach huts and a huge ‘Grayson Manor’ style home (or possibly hotel) on a cliff that I’d be very interested in visiting if we return all leading to the sea pool. Once we go there I was shocked to see people swimming in it. It was cold that day, like COLD cold but there were hardcore swimmers both with wetsuits who were totally unphased by the chill.

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Milo and I paddled while Lee kept his shoes and socks dry and sand free and eventually I decided to take the plunge and.. take the plunge. I’m 31 years old and I know myself by this point, I knew once we got there I’d want to get in, whatever the temperature and so I actually prepared and wore my swimsuit underneath my chunky jumper and jeans. Again, once I have an idea..

bude sea pool

I’m not a country girl at all but between the nostalgia and the generally relaxed atmosphere something about the Devonshire lifestyle really appeals to me. Our coasts up North are just not the same, we don’t have many beaches worth visiting (sorry, Blasphemy I know.. I do love living here, I swear) and so I wasn’t raised on seaside living but I feel like it wouldn’t take me long to adjust to the slower paced ways. So long as I could get wifi.. that would be a deal breaker.


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  1. Mel
    26 October, 2017 / 9:03 am

    Wahah we even have superfast wifi now in my village just outside Exeter…..mines currently at 70mb!

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