Top 10 Cyber Weekend Deals.. and a little cyber rant

I have been BEYOND irritated with my wifi recently, I know I’ve bored you to tears with it already but I had to abandon my daily posts mid-month on the blog and although I would LOVE to do vlogmas next month I’m just not sure whether logistically it can work. Never has my reliance on the internet been more obvious. I’ve actually been tempted to take a break over Christmas to lower the chance of me throwing my laptop through a window but a friend reminded me, this is my job. In the ‘real world’ we don’t take time off when things are a little tough, I couldn’t call my boss on Monday and tell him I’m not really feeling my desk job right now but I’ll be back in the New Year.

Daniel Wellington Black Friday Sales Offers Deals

I’ve avoided all online sales this weekend for the aforementioned reasons, even braving the crowds on Black Friday in person to avoid constant loading screens but there are a few things that have come to my attention that I want to share before the biggest shopping weekend is over altogether.


1. Bose QC25 Headphones £289.95  – £159.95

These are a bit niche and I do not think that your average Jo needs to spend big money on headphones but I’ve been lusting after a pair of these for ages and I just got them on super sale from York Designer Outlet. They’re top of my list because they are big bucks but also because I’m wearing them right now. They’re noise cancelling and I’m using them to dim the noise of my family watching TV and arguing Clash Of Clans while I write this. Usually I’d have to leave the room but they block out just enough noise for me to be able to concentrate. I’m not listening to music, just wearing the headphones. If you’re a Mum with a noisy family you will love these. They’re not the new wireless version so if bluetooth is top of your list they may not tick all of your boxes but if you’re looking for a techy gift you’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal.

2. Boots Star Gifts – 50%OffSanctuarySoap & GloryReal Techniques

Every year Boots put huge gift sets on sale, now the savvy among us spot these in early November, the bizarrely overpriced boxes of beauty bits but once they’re on offer they’re a great pick for the many family members you have to buy for but don’t really know all that well. Of course if you have a die hard Soap & Glory fan they’re going to love their annual set regardless but I tend to look at the Boots gifts as simple solutions for your less exciting present buying.

3. Daniel Wellington Classic Petite AshfordFree Strap + 15% Off

I’ve worn Daniel Wellington watches exclusively for the past few years as well as having given them as gifts. They’re classic and simple but the interchangeable straps give a little scope to switch up/customise your look. The style I used to wear was this one but the fabric strap wasn’t fantastic for a constant wearer like me. The new mesh straps are awesome and this is all I’ve been wearing recently. I literally never take my watch off so I like something flat to my wrist, comfy and low maintenance and this is perfect. You can get 15% off with code MIKHILA15 and this weekend you can also get a free strap which is practically a second watch.

4. All Saints – 30% Off – Tshirt – £28.00 – £19.60

All Saints have 30% off EVERYTHING! Great for you, your brother, son, husband, dad, etc etc etc. You can pick up a tshirt for less that 20 quid or save mega money of jeans, leather, HANDBAGS.. whatever you’re looking for. One of the best sales every year and one I’ve already bought from this year.. just don’t tell the men in my life 😉

5. Yankee Candle – 20% OffFree £65 Gift with £40 purchase

I tried to break myself of this habit several years ago but carting 6 3 wick candles back with my from New York last week probably isn’t a good sign for my rehabilitation. I don’t even have gifts in mind with this one, I’m thinking you’re going to be buying some festive candles, you just are, so pick them up with 20% off and pass along the free gift to one of those rellies you don’t know what to buy for.. win, win!

6. Personal Planner15% Off Everything

Another one I’ve both used myself and bought for other people. A planner/diary is a pretty traditional and genuinely useful Christmas gift and Personal Planner allow you to customise so much it’s like a handmade present for the digital age. Perfect for Mums but I’ve also had a couple made for my daughter (extra useful in secondary school) and at one point carried mine around everywhere I went. No specific Black Friday offer but you can get 15% off with code M-IKHI-LA15

7. Skinny Dip Black Laureli Bag£34.00£23.80

I raved about this bag a few months ago and it sold out everywhere but the black is back and it’s 30% off!! A more wearable version in exactly the same style at a lower price? Yes please! If you’re in to more faux suede than face croc there’s also this variation. Skinny Dip tends to be a bit ‘out there’ for me but they have a few designs this season that I really like – this is another and it’s only £11.20… this velvet crossbody gives me heart eyes and this is not me at all but it’s just about the most perfect Christmas party bag I ever did see!

8. Cambridge Satchel£60.00 – £36.00

Talking of bags, Cambridge Satchel are always on my list pre-Christmas. I’ve indulged in the sale a few times myself and bought one as a gift at least twice. When there are offers they are REALLY good offers and right now you can get a mini satchel for as little as £36.00. There a tons of colours and styles in the sale (including standard blacks/browns) and don’t forget the personalisation options! it’s a little extra but you can add initials/symbols which again makes the whole things feel a little more specific to the person you’ve bought it for. An added, thoughtful detail I think most people (100% me) would appreciate.

9. Secret EscapesBlack Friday Price Drop

This might seem like an oddball one but we use Secret Escapes all the time and we’ve decided that next year, rather than use my Mums week of leave (which she kindly allocates to us per year – she gets lots, don’t worry) one a week long holibob we want to take more weekends away so we’ll be using it a lot more in 2018. We’ve found some awesome deals so far and are currently looking for somewhere to go for our anniversary in January. A good time to try fancy hotels because there are even better deals that usual and potentially something you could gift your parents/other half. Bit more exciting than another pair of slippers, isn’t it?

10. Ugg Slippers£100 – £50

I know what I just said but.. are Ugg slippers not just the ultimate in luxury purchases? I bought a pair for my Mum a few Christmases ago, she still wears them now and they still look brand new. No mean feat when you live with a dog who chewed through an encyclopedia, pair of glasses, brand new passport and.. wall. This is in the category of ‘would never buy for yourself’ and so the perfect gift for someone who already has everything.


I have lots of beauty gifts I haven’t shared with you yet and now I’m officially back from my holiday hiatus and have been given my blogger reality check I’ll be back shortly with some of my favourites if you’re still yet to ‘wrap up’ your shopping. I think I’ve been pretty late this year cause I only started on Friday but i know many of you will be far more organised than I so I’ll try ad get it together to have that up for you this week!


*this posts contains affiliate links and mentions of gifted items but has not been paid for by any brand



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