Top Ten MAC Lipsticks

IMG_1656If you follow my YouTube channels you may have already seen this video – link – but not everyone wants to WATCH their content so I thought I would relay my favourites to you by way of the written word. I also have my top 10 drugstore (under £10) lipsticks to share here too but I do also have a video on that here.


These are my favourites decided by wear rather than how much I like them. I have colours that are beautiful either in product or packaging that are dear to my hear but I wanted to share the colours I wear the most.

Kelly Yum-Yum

This is a new addition to my collection but it became a fast favourite, the brightest colour I own and a little more blue in tone than I’d usually choose but something about it still feels easy to wear, it’s an awesome pop of colour on my lips on days when I’m just wearing a slick of mascara.

Ri-Ri Woo – post

This was a lipstick I picked up PURELY because of the packaging.. I wish I could tell you that occurance is rare but honestly? I am a total sucker for limited edition products. The rose gold casing definitely plays a part in my love for the lipstick but the retro matte formula and true red combination is just perfect.

Toxic Tale – post

This is another limited edition colour, I’m not sure if this has ever been re-promoted but if you ever see it available I suggest you buy it immediately. It’s like a neon coral/red that actually reminds me a lot of the Revlon Matte Balm in Unapologetic which I LOVE.. but this formula is drier (satin) and stays put a little longer.

Impassioned – post

This was one of the first lipsticks I ever bought from MAC and at least 50% of the reason I wanted it was because Kandee Johnson wore it and I wanted to be just like her. I still love Kandee and her infectious positive attitude and I love her a little more for making me buy this lipstick.

Speak Louder – post

I bought this as a day time equivalent for Impassioned and although it’s still bright it’s a little more of a muted raspberry than a hot pink so for those of you who are nervous of bright colours this might be a good ‘gateway’ colour. It’s an easy to wear go-with-everything shade.

Viva Glam V – post

This is a colour I’d never have even swatched if I’d just seen it in the tube, it’s brown and sparkly.. sounds horrendous and looks it until you get it on you. I have seen it recommended so many times in posts such as this and for good reason, it’s a beautiful neutral – fun fact: I wore it for my wedding.

Chatterbox – post

Chatterbox was a colour I had on my wishlist for AGES but every time I swatched it I decided I had others that were too much like it and walked away. I finally took the plunge online when I was on the hunt for the perfect mid-toned pink recently and although it wasn’t quite PERFECT I love the colour on me.

Plumful – post

A shade I wore A LOT last Winter, it reminds me a lot of Revlons Balm Stain in Crush only a little deeper. Although it’s plum it feels almost neutral, I mean some people have lips which are that deep in colour I just happen not to be one of those people.. but wearing this you needn’t know 😉

Please Me

This might just have ticked that mid-toned pink box for me.. I think it might be SLIGHTLY on the blue side of pink for my liking I just wish it was a touch warmer but so far this is the closest I’ve come to the colour I’m searching for in my mind. Please Me is also a matte which I love and lasts longer than your average.

Kinda Sexy – post

My current favourite (not EVER but right now) is definitely Kina Sexy, it’s a flattering nude on my skin tone, again it’s matte and there’s something about the combination of this colour and finish that feels SO 90s supermodel to me. I tend to wear it with smudgy liner and a little sheen on my cheeks.

Here’s the video version..

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks?

Miss BB



  1. 16 August, 2014 / 12:18 pm

    WoW! You nailed it! I totally agree! For summer time my favorite is Impassioned and for all year around Plumful!

  2. 16 August, 2014 / 12:31 pm

    Oooh I love the look of Please Me! My fave MAC lippie is Shy Girl at the mo. I don’t own that many MAC lipsticks but now I’ve bought a couple I’m worried it could be a really slippery slope :-O xx

  3. 16 August, 2014 / 12:34 pm

    What lovely colours and I love this post, gives an idea of which shade to buy! Thank you.

  4. Amy
    16 August, 2014 / 1:54 pm

    I love the look of Kinda Sexy! Might have to take a trip to MAC now…

  5. 16 August, 2014 / 3:32 pm

    My favourite at the moment is definitely Crosswires, it’s such a beautiful coral colour and perks me up a treat! xx

    Megan /

  6. Samantha Marriott
    16 August, 2014 / 4:24 pm

    Kelly Yum Yum is so beautiful! Gutted it was limited edt!

    Sam xo sjmcdf

  7. Amy brown
    16 August, 2014 / 5:03 pm

    I love plumful,I brought it after seeing it in one of your videos and fell in love….I wore it all winter

  8. Kirsty
    16 August, 2014 / 6:50 pm

    I wanted to buy Please Me on National Lipstick Day but you beat me to it & it was already sold out! Chatterbox & Plumful are in my favourites too xx

  9. 16 August, 2014 / 7:54 pm

    Viva Glam V is so lovely! Great selection 🙂

  10. 16 August, 2014 / 9:26 pm

    I’m not a big fan of pink lipstick. I bought a Revlon pink shade and it just looks awful on me. Neither my mom or grandmother are fans of pink but it definitely seems to be your cup of tea. MAC lipsticks are amazing I really want to add to my collection!

    briannaly xo.

  11. Amber
    17 August, 2014 / 4:59 pm

    I love Speak Louder! I don’t think it gets enough love actually, I hardly ever see anyone mentioning it, but it is one of my favourites.

  12. 18 August, 2014 / 8:54 am

    i really want plumful!

  13. Anna
    19 August, 2014 / 8:08 pm

    What a fab post! I use Viva Glam V on so many brides, defo one of the most popular shades for a typical wedding. 🙂

  14. Dominique
    11 June, 2015 / 7:16 pm

    It’s Not Kelly yum yum but ” CANDY YUM YUM”

    • missbudgetbeauty
      13 June, 2015 / 8:45 pm

      No, it’s definitely KELLY. It was limited edition and ever so slightly different to the other

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