Travel Style

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This isn’t just what you wear to the airport (or on your road trip) but the way you choose to travel. I’ve thought a lot about this recently since it comes up in conversation often and we’re currently deciding what our 2020 trip will look like. Everyone’s travel style is different. We love America and if money and time were no object I’d drive from state to state stopping in a different town every night until I’d seen it all. The kids only have so much travel in them per trip so it’s not feasible right now but our recent Cali-Vegas adventure definitely quenched a little of that thirst.

Some people prefer to lounge by a pool/beach for the week and I get it (especially if you’re all go in your day-to-day) but I can take a day to do nothing at home and my vacation time is precious ‘make the most of the place your in’ time for me. A nice in-between in to get a car and explore one place. Hertz have recently launched their ‘Ride ‘n’ Seek’ activity where they’re encouraging you to take snaps of various landmarks/sights in the area and upload them for a chance to win prizes (a polaroid camera, 1000 Hertz Gold points etc) and it was a really fun addition to our trip. In between the adventuring you could take a day by the pool or a trip to the beach and really get the perfect mix.

In terms of comfort, I haven’t deviated far from this same airport/road trip outfit for 10+ years.

Leggings and a stretchy vest top, a baggy tshirt and trainers. I usually wear my bulkiest coat/jacket on the plane so I don’t have to pack it and carry the bag I don’t want to squash or that takes up the most space. I bought this Le Pliage hold all from Long Champ last year (it’s the neo so colour coded leather which totally sold me) and I couldn’t be without it now. Really spacious and hard wearing – can’t recommend it enough if you’re considering investing in a carry on item ahead of your summer holidays.

What’s your travel style?


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