Tresemme 7 Day Smooth

IMG_0693 I’ve been trialling this for around a month now.. it was something I wanted to post about straight away (and you may remember my instagrams when I was first testing) but I didn’t want to make a snap judgement having only used it once. I have the whole ‘system’ so the Shampoo, Conditioner AND the Treatment, I’ve used the seperately as well as together and feel I can now say which if any are worth spending your hard earned cash on.

IMG_0670First of all I don’t have majorly unruly hair, it’s thick and has a natural wave but it’s easy enough to straighten so I can’t comment on whether it will make that easier for you curlier haired girls. I will say that it cut down on drying time by about half though.. an unexpected result but welcome in the recent heat.

I don’t think the Shampoo & Conditioner are necessary steps here, they’re probably smoothing etc but the real star is the serum. The wash products do little to nothing used alone whereas the treatment fares just as well when I use my regular (more nourishing, blonde specific) shampoo & conditioner. You are directed to use LOTS of it in your hair which feels all kinds of wrong, you expect it to leave it feeling unclean but it’s weightless once it’s dry.

My initial thoughts were that yes may hair looks smooth and straight BUT it looked no smoother or straighter than when I don’t use the products.. I wasn’t convinced. It was the days that followed that convinced me (you can see some insta pics in the video) as my hair usually kinks horribly overnight and it just didn’t. It still looked relatively straight until I washed it. It’s very similar to the John Frieda 4 Day Straight (was that the name?) in what it does for me but I do prefer the application of this as you can ensure every strand is covered whereas with a spray (like the JF one) that’s a little trickier. It’s not a new idea, it’s not groundbreaking but it works and it’s nice to have in for the rare occasions I actually use heat on my hair. Did I mention it’s heat activated? You have to use straighteners to make it work, it claims to work even after washing your hair but I’m not convinced on that one. It didn’t effect how my hair looked after rough drying it the next time I washed so I can only imagine you still have to straighten.. which kind of defeats the object for me.

Overall – nice product, worth trying but skip the shampoo & conditioner!

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  1. 30 July, 2014 / 7:56 am

    I tried the treatment only, I didn’t get the shampoo/conditioner. I have fine, wavy hair that gets really frizzy and curly around my ears overnight. I agree it felt like you were putting *a lot* of product on but it’s not noticeable when dried. Mostly my hair was great, but it didn’t last beyond a wash. It helped my overnight curliness slightly which was a shame as I was hoping for more!

  2. Josie
    30 July, 2014 / 8:25 am

    This definitely sounds worth a try – I used the Free From Frizz recently and was so impressed by the results!

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

  3. 30 July, 2014 / 3:58 pm

    i agree 100% about the serum, but i find the other products quite drying over time

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