Ultimate MAC Palette

It’s been a LONG time since I looked at my mac shadow palettes but when shopping for (what I always hope will be) another ‘ultimate’ palette recently I decided to revisit some old favourites.

Everytime I put together a selection, though, it seemed to be too few or too many to create the perfect combination. I had the 12 pan, the 4 and the 6 – enter, the NINE. I apprecate the irony that I was attempting to save some cash by using what I already had, only to spend money on an empty palette but I’m telling you, it was a must have!

I present to you, the ultimate palette – almost. It has every colour I need (as well as some fun non-neutrals) but the matte brown and black leave a lot to be desired. I’m not sure if they’re just old and need to be replaced or if they were never all that great but the effort to get a good swatch was crazy.

I tend to use them in lieu of liner with a wet brush anyway (setting spray does the trick) so it’s not a major deal breaker but worth mentioning. I’ve had Primark eyeshadows that packed a better punch!

The Perfect Palette:

dazzlelight, Wedge, Tete a Tint, Woodwinked, Satin Taupe, Sumptous Olive, Trax, Espresso, Carbon

buy online here

I love a good throw back post and as I approach a major blogging milestone in the new year, I’m tempted to reach in to the old school idea bank more often. It was the golden age of blogging, after all 😉

What is your ultimate makeup palette? There’s 15% off luxury beauty at Boots right now and I have points burning a hole in my pocket so I’m all ears!


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