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I’m back with another New York post today, this was our first full day in the city, still tired but it was a BUSY one! I always like to get as much done as possible on the first day because you never know how hard the jet lag will hit you later!!IMG_7765 copyIMG_0703IMG_0714IMG_0716On the way to breakfast at the Stardust Diner we spotted a cafe named after my son (we see this more often than you’d think in the states) AND a KELLOGGS restaurant that I so wish we’d stopped at.. seriously.. it looked like just cereal, such a gimmick but I loved it. The kids enjoyed the Stardust experience though, the servers all sing and the portions are absolutely huge! Ella also discovered a love for omelettes that lasted throughout the trip!

IMG_0730IMG_7769 copyIMG_0739IMG_0735IMG_0755We headed downtown, accidentally happened upon the brand new Westfield right by the 9/11 memorial (the subway stops there) on our way down to Battery Park. We intended to take a boat around the Statue Of Liberty but it started to rain so we ended up taking the Staten Island Ferry instead. It’s free and you get a similar experience. One thing I was excited to visit having read about it online was the Seaglass Carousel. It’s another new addition and an absolute must if you’re in the area. A totally magical ‘underwater’ carousel experience that I think I enjoyed more than my kids!IMG_0763IMG_7776 copyIMG_0760Milo took the camera for a little while on the Ferry..

IMG_0776IMG_0773IMG_0790IMG_0772IMG_0786He’s excited to take a photos and it’s something I’m happy to encourage

IMG_0846 copyIMG_0836 copyIMG_0876 copyIMG_0857 copyIMG_0872 copyIMG_7795 copyBack up to Central Park, we visited the conservatory water where you can sail model boats. This was the activity Milo was most excited about. The boats have no motors so the only control you have is over the sail and the rudder which both kids struggled with but it wasn’t expensive and at around 6pm it was particularly picturesque as the sun went down.

IMG_0882 copyIMG_0883 copyIMG_7822 copyIMG_7826 copyElla’s number one activity was Dylan’s Candy Bar, it’s like a sweet shop on crack and it has a restaurant above it.. honestly? The food was pretty bad but I think savoury is an afterthought here. The cocktails and desserts seem to be the reason to visit so  wouldn’t recommend you plan to eat a meal here but sitting in a cupcake case was pretty cool.

IMG_7843 copyIMG_7847 copyAs I look through our photos I realise just HOW much we fit in every day.. I walked those kids (and my husband) ALL over the city, it’s no wonder it’s taking us so long to recover now we’re home but I just can’t sit around in New York. there’s always SO much to see and do and NEVER enough time to see or do it all!!


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  1. 6 September, 2016 / 10:15 pm

    Looks like you had a lot of fun and captured some great pictures! I’m in love with that carousal! If I ever make it there, it’s a must.
    Thanks for the share.
    Ashleigh | Mermaid on the Move

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