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In the past I haven’t had much of a morning skincare routine and in truth this is still fairly new so we’ll see how it goes when it comes to keeping it up but I have nothing but good intentions! The main reason for my skin care switch up was the re-introduction of Alpha H’s Liquid Gold. You can see my review of that here, it wasn’t entirely positive in the end and I stopped using it because I found it encouraged oil production and when I went back to work it was a total nightmare having to powder my face every half an hour. Ultimately, however, when I was using it my skin never looked better and since I stopped I’ve definitely seen a difference. I have always been oily/combination and blemish prone but while using Liquid Gold I’m not sure I had a breakout and if I did it didn’t come to much. I started using it again because I had a few active breakouts and nothing seemed to be fixing them, this stuff dried them up over night and made my skin glow so I”ve come up with a routine that will hopefully allow me to keep using this wonder-stuff while keeping the oil at bay.

My skincare is now split in to two categories, products that I use on non-liquid gold days and those I use along side it. If I’m using liquid gold in the evening I will cleanse only with this Truly Gentle Facial Wash from Clean and Clear (which I also use to remove my eye makeup FYI) and don’t follow up with any night cream. The morning after I want to clear my skin of any additional oil without being too harsh because LG is a chemical exfoliant so I use Skin Clear Purifying Face Wash from Elemis and follow up with my all time favourite breakout banisher, Dual Action Moisturiser from Clean & Clear. To be honest I could probably just use the same mild C&C face wash from the previous evening as I’m not that jazzed about the Elemis and wouldn’t recommend it, I’m just looking to use it up. So that’s day one.

Day 2 is really my regular routine I was following previously but because there are a few products here which exfoliate I don’t want to use them at the same time as LG, I also want to replenish any moisture lost by using clearing/astringent products the day/night before. In the evening I use my beloved Peaches & Clean from Soap & Glory which I find to be super smoothing for a drugstore product. If you were looking for a brightening masque I would look no further than this, I apply a thick layer to my face when I jump in the bath, wash my hair, shave my legs etc etc and then buff it off with my clarisonic (you could use a muslin cloth). It can leave me looking a little red and tender but my skin is so smooth and it does reduce active breakouts when used this way. I follow up with another old favourite, Organic Surge Blissful Daily Moisturiser for normal skin. This stiff smells devine, so fresh and calming and it’s water based so rather than rich night creams which can lay heavy on my already oily skin this absorbs and hydrates, I’d highly recommend it. Come morning I use a little of this Skin Energising Daily Scrub and follow up with the Morning Energy moisturiser, both by Clean & Clear.

Here’s the video where perhaps I explain it a little better

So there you have it, my current routine. It’s a lot of products but it’s working for right now, expect another update in the new year as I fully expect things to turn sour with the old Liquid Gold again soon.

Miss BB


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  1. 8 January, 2013 / 6:43 pm

    You’re really big into C&C… I’ve tried the dual action moisturizer as recommended by you and I think it definitely helps. I’ll keep this post in mind if I need to change things up with my routine.

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