Urban Decay Lip Junkie – Peroxide

This is one of those items in my collection that never sees regular use but has never been relegated entirely.. I always go back to it. I’ve had it for 2 years which I know is simply awful and I should throw things away but.. I don’t and it’s still perfectly fine. I actually can’t believe I haven’t blogged about it before.. but then 2 years ago I perhaps wasn’t quite as diligent as I consider myself to be now. The shade I have is Peroxide, a cool pink which gives a nice wash of nude. It’s particularly great for us paler gals who perhaps can’t pull off the nude lipstick trend without looking borderline dead. It claims to cool and plump.. I do experience a tingling sensation but no plumping to speak of. The winning feature for me here is the scent.. and by extension the taste. It’s minty and sweet and just all round delicious, a joy to apply and have lingering below your nose.

There’s just one con I find with these Lip Junkies, and that’s the formula. They’re so thick that it’s tricky to get an even finish, this shade can be awfully streaky and god forbid you press your lips together.. messy! I think that’s probably why it’s never made it in to my regular rotation, I love it but it’s a bit like wearing a bright, creamy lipstick.. you’re forever checking yourself in the mirror and nobody needs that. Lastly the packaging.. aesthetically it’s gorgeous, the lid alone is so pretty but be aware that the casing can come loose – it just needs a little superglue to fix it but still.. it’s a £13.00 lip gloss, you shouldn’t have to be super-gluing anything? The tube is reminiscent of the Lancome Juicy Tubes which cracked and leaked over time after much squeezing. The difference here is that the tube is moulded rather than crimped thus eliminating that issue and creating a super sleek design. The applicator is more hygienic than a wand which I understand many love but I think it contributes to the streaky application so I’m just not sure.. it’s not something I’d seek out in future anyway.

Overall I really want to love this and it will never leave my collection but I’m not sure I’d go back for more from the range because of the little niggles I have.. perhaps the brighter shades are not quite as streaky? Let me now if you’ve tried them because the scent alone is worth persevering for!

Available online here for £13.00

Miss BB

*Not a PR Sample as such but I was gifted this by the company when I worked for them


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