Urban Decay hearts NYC too

How EXCITED was I Friday night when I treated myself to not one but TWO Urban Decay palettes?
VERY!!! It was awesome to stumble into Debenhams to find a new urband decau counter stocked with tons of Naked Palette and Book Of Shadows III NYC!!
For anyone interested the store was in Meadowhall Sheffield!
This post is dedicated to the NYC palette … so on with a look at the beauty…
How gorgeous is that?? It’s soooo cute, you can’t really see because of the light but it has little lights in the buildings that pop up in the lid, so much detail in a palette for just £30!
There are 16 shadows, I’d say almost full size so for the money it’s actually a really good deal.. I always think of Urban Decay being quite pricey and maybe for the individual items it can be but this is almost a bargain if you look at it for what it’s really worth.
Below are the swatches I took from the palette..
I bought the Naked palette at the same time and only one shadow is duplicated and that’s smog (which I love so I am happy!) My faves from this palette just from my first few days with it are Midnight Cowboy, Maui Wowie, Smog and maybe Rockstar or Suspect I can’t decide…
These are the eyeliners that came with it… fabulous! SO creamy and after a couple of minutes they kind of set so you can’t smude them so easily and I think as a result they last SO long! I am a complete UD eyeline convert! 100%
Overall I LOVE this!
There’s so much you can do with it, colours, neutrals, pales, darks, AWESOME!
I did get the naked palette at the same time so it’s a hard decision which is better because that is so great and you can achieve so many looks with it but for those of you out there that like some colour this book of shaodws gives you so much more choice!
got an opinion? got the palette? got a question?
leave me comments peeps
miss BB

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  1. 5 September, 2010 / 11:10 pm

    I got both palettes as well, and it's a hard choice which is best. I have to say that the Naked one wins, as I can use it for every day and work, although I'm so glad to have the BoS III for creating wilder looks! x

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