UrbanGlow – The Review

In a return to my “usual scheduled programming” here’s a beauty review for you.

I showed some pictures of these when I first got them but I feel I’ve had them long enough now to give a fair review and they are now available in the UK and US.
They are the new Urban Decay Cream Highlights. Part of the spring launch that saw an end to powder cheek products for UD altogether. they say…

“Emphasize your assets. Urbanglow guides their eyes to the right places, crafts contours where there were none, and creates a dewy, youthful glow.”

There are 4 shades available – Brown Sugar, Sin, Wicked and Moonshine. 

You can see those I have to the left, Brown sugar is either for darker skintones or would give you a bronzey highlight and sin is, as you would imagine, a cream version of the ever-popular shadow and primer shade. 
I’ve heard people compare these to MACs cream colour base but I don’t see that at all. The formula to this product does vary shade to shade but as a general rule it sits on the skin to leave a shine/glow, it is more greasy than creamy. You definitely wouldn’t put this on as a base to anything you wanted to stay on your face! This would be your final makeup step, I tend to put a little on my cheek and brow bones and it stays put but if you tried it on your eyes it would crease for sure.
Of the two shades I have I prefer the colour of Wicked but favour moonbeam as it’s without the glitter and more of a sheen. It has almost an iridescent blue/pink to it in the light.. really beautiful. Wicked is more of a party highlight for me but nice all the same. They’re not a must have but a nice to have and they go a long way so are nice for the collector as they’ll last a long time. On the whole I really like these and will definitely be picking up the other two shades very soon. 

Have any of you tried these already? What are your thoughts?


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