Vegas Dresses #1

twin sister vegas wedding dress

Long time readers will remember that many moons ago we were planning a Vegas wedding – in the end that didn’t really pan out but we’ve never given up on the dream of a renewal one day. We have almost firm plans to return to sin city next year with fellow blogger Emma and her husband and I’m getting excited.. being a shopaholic I’m obviously looking for dresses before anything else and thought I’d share the most Vegas appropriate ones I’ve found so far. Assuming this will be a series of posts I’ve made this #1 but seriously.. I’m kind of in love with this floor length number. I think metallic silver is as Vegas as it gets, no? I’ve never heard of this brand before but it’s affordable and available online at Next so I know I can order options and return them stress free.

So which is your favourite? Bear in mind that tacky is the aim of the game here 😉

Miss B

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5 thoughts on “Vegas Dresses #1”

  1. I think the two shorter ones are more you, with my final vote going to the third, shiny, short option (the first looks a bit nurse-ish).

  2. The dress you mentioned a while ago with the mesh skirt from River Island has finally appeared online for £60! Love that one x

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